Can Call Of Duty sustain world domination?

Call of Duty is considered by many to be a series on the decline. In terms of quality that statement may be true but year in year out fans lap it up and ignore the critics and haters allowing it to post record numbers year after year. That changed this year, Ghosts was outdone by GTA and for the first time the steady climb it was making every year halted. Of course a game should not be judged by the amount of sales it makes but by how good the game actually is. In this post I shall look at where Call Of Duty lost its momentum and its future as a whole.

call of duty

Let’s look on the bright side

Despite falling below its own very high standards it was still a big draw, retailers reported selling out in the same fashion we are accustom to and it’s figures so far have been impressive. Just because it failed to reach the dizzy heights of Black Ops 2 does not spell trouble for the franchise. It was released around the time where the next-gen of consoles was released, this would of course hamper sales as many people will be waiting to get either the Xbox One or PS4. I think to make a fair analysis due to the console change over we need to look at how the PC version faired. Black Ops II sold 398,000 in first week on sale for PC, where as Ghosts took 193,000. Maybe not so bright after all then.

call of duty ghosts

So where have the players gone?

If was being juvenile I could say Call Of Duty has been the go to game for school boys for many years, school boys are growing up and playing bigger boy games. This may be partly true but the biggest reason is that it’s stubbornness and refusal to change its gameplay has left many fans bored. You only have to look at what a spectacle Battlefield has become to see which one is heading in the right direction. You could also attribute the falling sales to the rise of mobile gaming, mobile gaming is a force to be reckoned with now with a few AAA titles and on a much more affordable and accessible platform. Every dog has it’s day, look how Halo ruled the console FPS market and that too is in decline.

Dogs were an unwelcome addition to Ghosts
Dogs were an unwelcome addition to Ghosts

Things Call Of Duty can do to stop the rot

The series is in major need of an overhaul, it looks and plays tired. Maybe it’s realized its own potential and change will alienate fans further. One thing is for sure is that Treyarch and Activision need to take more risks, simply putting out the same game year in year out with a slightly different skin is wearing thin. The great thing is that the series generally does not follow on from the last campaign so they can completely start a fresh next time with a new engine, new graphics and a new feel. This is unlikely but could help sustain the series for years to come.


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