Top 5 Android games of 2013

Android gaming has taken off in a major way in 2013, it was once a wasteland filled with spammy advert filled games and an abundance of match X amount of colored blocks trash.  It is now a force to be reckoned with and developers are sitting up and taking notice of the successes a game can have on the Play Store due its gigantic userbase and easy accessibility. Here is a rundown of what I deem to be the top 5 games that have hit the Play Store this year.

1. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is the perfect tower defense game.
Anomaly 2 is the perfect tower defense game.

Anomaly 2 is not a giant leap forward from the sequel but it continues its solid, fun gameplay. It looks and feels silky smooth and is one of the best looking games available for android users. It is essentially a tower defense game but the term defense should be used loosely as it’s also a tower offence game, if that makes sense. In its multiplayer mode you can play as either the alien towers, battling against the humans or vise versa, each side requiring it’s own level of skill and each side as entertaining. It also boasts a huge single player mode, with a level of depth somewhat ‘alien’ to android users of old. In all, Anomaly 2 is a game not to be missed. It’s well polished, deeply immersive and worthy of your time and effort.

Anomaly 2 costs £3.69 and is worth every penny. You can download it here

2. Ikaruga

A blast from the past which is still as good as you remember
A blast from the past which is still as good as you remember

I remember booting this up on my beloved Dreamcast many moons ago, it was hell. Merely completing a few levels on normal made me feel like a true gaming hero. Luckily, I now have the chance to experience this all over again. If you have never played Ikaruga it is an over head shooter in which you play as spaceship/fighter plane which has the ability to change color from white to black. Whilst black you can absorb black bullets/plasma and vice versa. Your ultimate goal is to evade and destroy, this is fiendishly difficult as you are constantly barraged with seemingly never ending black and white missiles. Knowing when to change polarity is crucial and will cause you major headaches, when you’ve mastered it though it becomes one of the most rewarding games you will ever play. Its transition from console to android game is a smooth one and is a must for old fans and new ones alike.

Ikaruga is priced at £4.62 and can be downloaded here

3. Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow finally tackles the control issue touchscreens encounter
Neon Shadow finally tackles the control issue touchscreens encounter

You’d be forgiven for thinking the above picture was from classic FPS Doom and that’s the exact nostalgic effect this game goes for. This may not look as pretty as other Gameloft titles but they’ve focused on making it fun and frantic. This is a fast paced FPS which is set on a spacestation, it is the most cliche of games but it does everything so well and at such a pace it doesn’t matter. Its hectic firefight encounters and meaty multiplayer mode elevate this game above it’s nicer looking rivals. It also tackles the issue of how an FPS should utilize the touchscreen, it has a straightforward uncomplicated approach that doesn’t frustrate and leaving you wanting to smash your screen. Oh and it has wheeled robot dogs with lasers  for mouths. Convinced yet? You should be.

Neon Shadow costs just 60p! It is available here

4. Reckless Getaway

Immoral virtual behavior can be fun
Immoral virtual behavior can be fun

Reckless Getaway teaches you bad things, it involves robbing a bank and driving away from the police. The fact that it’s so good let’s us pass over those facts and you’ll soon be weaving, dodging and shunting your way through a motorway of madness. Visually it looks superb, it’s polished without any slow down and like all games it’s frustrating hard parts make it all that more enjoyable. There is no depth in the game, it’s a driving game which glorifies chaos and that’s why I love it. The controls are simple and effective and it reminds me of a sort of Burnout spin off. Reckless Getaway is a simple driving game which focuses on mayhem and fast paced action, if this is up your street you’ll love it.

Reckless Getaway is priced at a very affordable £1.27 and can be found here

5. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers builds on the success of it’s prequel

Another Tower Defense game making it into the top 5, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a sequel to the smash hit Kingdom Rush. It is similar to the last game except there is a lot more of it! Kingdom Rush Frontiers puts you in control of placing towers on a field to stop invading enemies, with each tower having different strengths and weaknesses. It is not a genre defining title but it’s balance, style and replayability make this a hit. It is also very accessible for those unfamiliar with the genre but can be as simple or complicated as you make it. It has RPG elements intertwined too, with upgradeable skill available to your heroes. I’d recommend this to those who want to try out the tower defense genre, this a great start and a great game.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is priced at 60p, which is a mega bargain. Get it now here

This list represents for me the best all round Android games of 2013. If you think I have missed any out or have made a huge mistake let me know!


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