Games we love to hate

We all have games we hate, merely catching a glimpse of the box art in our local store fills us with rage to the point our minds explode (surely not just me?). Why do we hate games though? they are not doing any harm and we can choose to ignore them. Are we crazy to be so passionate about a game?

candy crush

Firstly, I think it can be partially explained by the fact we think a game is unjustly popular. It may not sit in a genre of games we like and we automatically associate anyone who plays the game we hate with someone of douchebag qualities. It’s true, I judge people on what games they play, a lot less than I used to granted as I’m old and miserable these days but I still do it. The hater in my thinks all Call Of Duty players are degenerative school boys with the IQ of a squirrel. The hater in me also used to believe that anyone who played facebook games was ruining our beloved industry and was a middle aged mom with a hairy face. Sad but true.


Console wars have been rife for many years and even within consoles particular game series have rivalry. We form virtual gangs and take to the internet to vent our rage and disgust that people actually like something different to us. This hate sometimes rears its ugly head in real life too, I have actually lost a few friends down the line from disagreeing about a game. Back in 1993 my best friend was a Mario fan and I preferred Sonic, we never spoke again.


Maybe we are elitists, unwilling to accept the opinion of others and forever destined to be filled with hatred and scorn for certain games. Look at the music industry, it’s filled with people like that. Full of mockery and anger at popularity and success of those we deem unworthy. Maybe we should just all get along and learn to accept others opinions and preferences. After all, it is just a game.


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