Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Android and iOS Review

Strangely titled just Sonic Racing Transformed for the Android, this is a release I’ve been anticipated for quite some time.  A decent enough racer that should sit well on a mobile platform and features lovable characters of old. There are differences between the two, not just in the name but in terms of how they play. I actually really enjoyed the console versions of the game, it’s not exactly Mario Kart but I was excited to see SEGA releasing a game of its stature on a mobile device.


Firstly I played the Android version and from the get go it suffered from noticeable framerate issues and seems strangely stretched on my screen.  It looks good though and is filled with the usual polish you see in Sonic games of late.  The problem is it is a near impossibility to have any enjoyment at the minute though with so many bugs and crashes I encountered within my first 5 minutes of trying to play the game. I played the Android version with a HTC One, so the bugs I found are not excusable and not because my phone was lacking.  It should be a decent enough game when everything ironed out, I expect there to be multiple updates heading our way soon enough but I would certainly hold out a few weeks until SEGA totally fixes it.


The iOS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is thankfully a totally different experience. I played the game with my iPhone 5 and it was a joy to play. It features the extensive range of characters from the console versions and looks and plays great. The tracks are well thought out and visually impressive and really have a Sonic feel about them. The inclusion of Ryo Hazuki certainly was of great delight to me  being a HUGE Shenmue fan.

Yay! Ryo!
Yay! Ryo!

It has a speed and level of quality unmatched in any current kart game available for a mobile device and real time and effort has been put into making the iOS version a triumph. It boasts online multiplayer too with online leaderboards so you can challenge your friends scores and times. The facebook integration is a nifty feature which allows you invite any of your friends who may have the game or to simply brag about your achievements and try to lure them in to this wonderful game.

One thing to be concerned about is the amount of in-app purchases it has listed. These range from a modest $0.99 to a whopping $14.99 so how much of the game they are holding back is questionable. One thing for sure is that iOS users have had the better deal here, at least they can enjoy the core game and enjoy the game they’ve paid for.

When Android fixes Sonic Racing Transformed it will no doubt be on par with the iOS version but until then it is a waste of your time and money. The iOS version however is a look in to the future of mobile gaming, with console ports becoming better and more frequent, the future is bright for us pocket gamers.

Android version 1/5

iOS version 5/5


2 thoughts on “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Android and iOS Review”

  1. I have this one on my pc and absolutely love it. Do the controls here though work ok? Are they precise enough to be able to drift around the bend and hold the vehicle just a hair from clipping the walls?

    1. I wouldn’t say it was as easy to control. Precision would be dependant on your phones capabilities I assume but it was fine with what I used. For a port it’s very fluid, it may be worth investing in some sort of control pad if you’re striving for perfection. Plus it will enable you to kick ass online!

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