Gaming guilty pleasures and my confessions

So we should all have a few games in our inventory that we play or have played that hold little or no credibility amongst the gaming elite. Maybe you’re a sucker for Barbies Horse Adventures? Or perhaps you can’t get bare to part with any of your 1000 copies of your E.T game you dug from the landfill? I feel like I need to release some demons and share with the world some of my gaming secrets with you all. Perhaps I will lose all credibility (if I had any) but maybe, just maybe, I am not alone in my secret love for some of the biggest turkeys in gaming history.

One of my first confessions is that I absolutely love yearly sports games. Yes, the ones that play exactly the same as last year but with different rosters. I play them religiously in the early hours so no-one can see me and always use a secondary profile so my console will not tell anyone I have ever touched such a game. NBA is usually my weakness, but I have been known to play FIFA and Tiger Woods too. I know it’s wrong and goes against everything I stand for as a seasoned gamer but I can’t help myself, perhaps I need therapy.

Secretly I got mad skills, yo
Secretly I got mad skills, yo

Confession number two is that despite my loathing of the CoD series I still play it. Even when I was a Halo fan boy I bought it and enjoyed it. I knew that it was throwaway gaming at its finest and didn’t change much each year (beyond different locations/time) but that didn’t stop me. When questioned about it because of my online presence I would make up excuses, like my friend came over and brought it, or would go as far as to blame family members. I think I blamed the cat once. Yes, it was everyones fault that I was playing Call of Duty except mine. I still play it to this day, I hate myself for it.

Yes, I've tried to quit CoD but I can't. I admit defeat.
Yes, I’ve tried to quit CoD but I can’t. I admit defeat.

One of my guilty pleasures has to be I enjoy anything Disney related. I’m a 26 year old man and I enjoy Disney. There, I said it. I remember when all my friends were playing the latest Tony Hawk game I somehow was wasting my life away playing Disneys Skate Adventure. I remember the awkward conversations I had when I was pretending I was playing Tony Hawk instead. I once let slip when asked what my favorite character was, “Zurg” I replied. I mistakenly told them that ‘Andys bedroom’ was my favorite level too, before backtracking and insisting these were bonus levels when you get 100% completion in TH4. I’m not sure whether they believed me but the shame is out there now, sorry for lying if you’re reading this.

Buzz and the gang stole my heart, and my life.
Buzz and the gang stole my heart, and my life.

Another game I enjoyed which I shouldn’t of is Naughty Bear. I was obviously old enough to know better when this came out but did that stop me? Hell no. Nothing gave me more pleasure than to obtain ‘naughty points’. It’s repetitious missions filled me with joy and I loved fighting ninja bears. I even took a day off work to play this game, I pulled an all nighter and it got to 7am and I was due in for 9am. I went to sleep for an hour and played the game all the next day. I felt so dirty and ashamed of myself. I felt like I was turning in to Naughty Bear, I started to call people I dislike Major Chubby and chuckled to myself like it was a killer insult. I still play from time to time, alone in a darkened room with a locked door. IGN gave it a 3/10, I gave it my soul.

I seriously loathe myself right now.
I seriously loathe myself right now.


Have you got any confessions? Any games you are playing that you won’t talk about beyond your own four walls? Let me know I’m not alone!








5 thoughts on “Gaming guilty pleasures and my confessions”

  1. I suppose Kirby could be considered a guilty pleasure as it is aimed at younger players, but I am in my thirties. My friends also give me funny looks for playing the Atelier games as they come across as girlie.

    Recently I played Time and Eternity for a bit and enjoyed it even though many people tout it as one of the worst games of 2013. One of my recent reviews was for Demon Master Chris and I gave it a favorable score, even though it is an adult game.

    1. Kirby is one of my favorites too! I think Kirby is quite a credible game, in fact most platformers I wouldn’t be too ashamed of.

      I never played Time and Eternity, I think we put too much emphasis on game reviewers. They are heralded almost as if they are gaming gods who know everything but I miss the days we formed our own opinion.

      Can’t comment on Demon Master Chris, if my partner found out she would cut my nuts off! haha

  2. My Guilty pleasure is that every time a new Pokemon games is announced it makes me want to get it! I never do because I’m content with “catching them all” in red and blue, but now there’s too many to remember.

    Another one of my big issues is Final Fantasy, I’ve been hooked as long as I can remember and even wore shorts/trousers where one leg was 3/4 and the other was knee length, and I always wanted a scar across my face like Squall in FF8.

    Crazy looking back on it but I’m contemplating buying a PS Vita just to play X/X–2 hd Remasted version.

    1. I think everyone has a secret love for pokemon. I know I do. Many days of my childhood were spent playing pokemon games and regardless of whether it’s cool or not I still buy and play the latest games.

      Final Fantasy is a very credible game! There’s no shame in wanting relations with Aeris. Oops, maybe just me on that one. Haha.

  3. Elder Scrolls I have never finished an Elder Scrolls game Never but I buy every one that comes out. Daggerfall my system was too slow to run it. Since Morrowind i am never happy with my race/class so i keep restarting and adding more and more mods to the games. Till i am so bored with the beginning I just quit and then boom a new Elder Scrolls game is out to restart the whole thing again.

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