Top 5 games that have aged badly

Here is a list of games that were fun back in their day but have lost their appeal over time. Generally, the majority of the first 2D and 3D games of their time have lost the most appeal. Whilst some are as playable now as they was back then and are worthy of  HD remake, these games are nigh on unplayable by todays standards. It’s hard to believe we spent so much time playing these monsters when we were younger. Strangely I have found that platform games age the best, generally because they are timeless and don’t rely on realism to wow a gamer. However, FPS and racing games don’t fair so good as they are usually a simulation of a real life event and graphically/technically games have come so far. Here goes.


1. Medal of Honor

Yes, it really does look this bad.
Yes, it really does look this bad.

So back in ’99 I was a 12 year old boy wowed by how realistic this game was. The attention to detail, the blood splatter and its deep engrossing gameplay blew my mind. I never thought a war game could ever look or play so good. Then time caught up, I re-visited Jimmy Patterson and the crew 10 years later and found it to be a piece of crap. Awful framerate, glitches galore and an all round dull experience. I could hardly make out what I was doing and couldn’t bring myself to play more than 20 minutes. It hurt me that my childhood was spent playing Medal of Honor. Oh well, can’t be as bad as Warfighter.

2. Crackdown

It still looks quite good, but Crackdown plays like crap these days
It still looks quite good, but Crackdown plays like crap these days

A more recent title on the list, Crackdown was fun as hell to play when it came out in 2007. Admittedly I only bought the game for the Halo 3 beta but I got sidetracked by the actual game and put some serious hours in to blowing things up and exterminating gangs. At the time I thought it would be the series that ended GTAs reign but how wrong has that prediction turned out to be. I played Crackdown again after being disappointed at the sequel. What I found I didn’t enjoy. The story is incredibly weak and most of the novelty of playing a multiplayer sandbox game for the first time was not there anymore. Games are bigger and better now, you can explode more, interact more and there are far better looking games that put this to shame.

3. Metal Gear Solid

First generation 3D games have aged terribly, MGS is no exception
First generation 3D games have aged terribly, MGS is no exception

A controversial choice as Playstation fans as a whole regard this as an all time classic, I don’t. It’s a game we’ve all played and loved at some point in our lives. Being Solid Snake, stealthing the crap out of guards and terrorists made us feel like the soldier we would never be. 15 or so years down the line and the game looks and plays like a mess. I know graphics should not be an issue when it comes to how well a game plays but I feel it hinders the game immensely. It also feels too simple, and a lack of detail coupled with the dullness of Snake himself makes me want to forget I ever played this game.

4. Goldeneye 007

Not quite the classic we remember. Look at their faces, they look so sad to have so few pixels
Not quite the classic we remember. Look at their faces, they look so sad to have so few pixels

Possibly THE most controversial addition on this list as it is widely regarded as one of the best console FPS games of all time. Nintendo die hards will scowl at anyone criticizing their beloved king of shooters but there is every reason to hate on the game today. Its once varied environments and realistic effects look rather shoddy. The fact that characters don’t speak is a turn off too. The multiplayer offerings are now basic and not enjoyable, plus finding anyone who is willing to play it with you these days means it’s now a useless add-on. It did wonders for FPS gaming on consoles, but the glory days are long gone.

5. Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas

This was never a classic by any means but its a lot worse in 2014. A LOT
This was never a classic by any means but its a lot worse in 2014. A LOT

I can make a case for the sequel too but have opted for the original. This is one of the reasons I played Xbox Live and it was the first of its kind to get it right online. Single player it is outdone by its predecessor and multiplayer wise it’s dead. What was once a demonstration of excellence in war games is now a bargain bin cast off that nobody wants to touch. Again, the realism it once offered has now been outdone and looking back maybe this was the only thing that kept me playing years ago. The console versions lost support a long time ago so I’m not counting the PC version in this list. The game simply isn’t worth your time and money anymore.



Obviously I am going to annoy a fair few people with this list. Some of these games would be in peoples Top 5 games ever but ‘everyone has an opinion’. I would love to hear what you guys think, has anyone played a game they once loved only to be filled with anger and rage at its demise over the years?


8 thoughts on “Top 5 games that have aged badly”

  1. That’s one disadvantage games have over movies. Rewatching a classic movie isn’t too bad, but games don’t age as well. I find that old games (16 bit and older) retain their charm but it is hard to be as forgiving when it comes to early titles with 3D models.

    1. You’re exactly right. 2D games focused on gameplay rather than trying to push realism and that’s why these early 3D titles have become dated.

      I’ve just read your review on Sunset Riders, I have never heard of this game before so I shall have a go tonight on the trusty old Fusion emulator and let you know what I think. Hopefully I shall find of way of cheating my way to level 3 haha. Thanks for your input!

  2. I completely agree when it comes to Goldeneye. People are still in awe of that game but play it for five minutes today and it’s bloody awful.

    I can’t agree about MGS though. I recently played MGS 1 and 2 for the first time. I played MGS 1 on an emulator and 2 in HD on 360, and I preferred MGS 1 out of the two. I think the gameplay is simple enough to still be playable. Sure it’s dated, but it’s still playable.

    Great post. Really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hey, at least we agree on that one! Goldeneye was fun at the time, it pushed boundaries and did things we never thought possible in a game. In the present day it doesn’t have that appeal, in many ways it has become a victim of its own success. It paved the way for imitation and ultimately is irrelevant nowadays considering what the gaming world has to offer now.

      I’ve had a look over your blog, your posts are in depth and worded well. You should be snapped up by one of the big companies, your writing style and the way you tell a story is awesome. I’m not brown nosing, it’s just of a much higher quality than many put out here. I could learn a thing or two off you, keep going friend and thanks for the comment!

      (I love Turok 2 more than Goldeneye as well)

  3. To me it’s a lot of the early 3D games, so I’m not surprised to see some PS1 and N64 titles on this list. Partly because of the graphics, but also because of the controls and not having the second stick for camera or having a good alternative for camera control.

    1. I have the exact same viewpoint. Obviously some of these games hold a special place in our heart but that doesn’t make them good games in todays gaming world.

      Thank you for your input good sir!

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