PDP Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller Review – PS3

The competitive gaming world is at an all time high and players are constantly seeking ways to get the edge over their competition. This control pad (which has been specially designed for Battlefield players) is latest in a string of consoles which claims it can do just that. Does it do what it says on the box? Let’s find out.

Aethestics and ease of use


First of all the pad looks great, it has illuminating logo in the middle of the pad and zinc alloy triggers make it stand out from its competitors. It has a rubberized lower half for extra grip and has programmable buttons if required. It is a wired pad which some may scowl out but it’s not a bad thing, the wire is long enough and not restrictive plus I champion the fact you don’t have to worry about battery consumption and response time.

The concave thumbsticks are certainly an improvement, your thumbs will no longer slip with ease so this a certainly a pro. There are programmable wheels on the back of the pad which are designed to adjust settings for the more seasoned gamer. They work well and don’t interfere with the overall feel or performance of the control pad.

Compatibility and in game usage


The control pad is also supposed to be compatible with your PC. I tested this out on a number of games and had numerous compatibility issues, with the main one being the lack of vibration. However, it will work with a few titles I assume and because the review I’m doing is for the PS3 side of things you can choose to ignore these issues.

I found the pad frustrating in game. The default settings make life difficult and the sticks are very responsive and snappy in comparison. My hands became very sweaty and uncomfortable after a mere 10 minutes gameplay. Maybe with a bit more perseverance and application this could be an enjoyable experience but for me it was anything but.

Notable issues

One of the major issues I have always had with the PS3 is the analog sticks, I know everyone has their own preference but for me they were too close together. This is where I think PDP seriously missed a trick, it is basically a copycat 360 shell with the thumbstick layout of a Playstation pad. The bigger and bulkier design doesn’t really add anything and it feels cramped in the hand. I have just about got used to the Playstation pad but this really highlights the issues I have with standard pad to the extreme. Maybe it’s because I have big hands though, so if you don’t then it may be a completely different story.

Although this is licensed for battlefield 4 I have had issues with the triggers. It requires you to re-programme the whole thing as the conventional set up doesn’t exist here. What I mean by that is R2 and L2 do not work in the way I would like. They are used mainly for spotting and I’ve not found way of changing these settings so I can use them for weapons. In fact it’s quite confusing in general and you’ll be wondering what button does what beyond the standard shape buttons. You’ll definitely spend some time trying to re-configure the control pad, let me know if you find a way in the comments below.


I wouldn’t recommend this control pad. Sure, it may look pretty and offers a different experience but sometimes different isn’t a good thing. It will frustrate you, make you uncomfortable and is a waste of your money. Some of the issues are forgivable but the inability to have a good gaming experience straight out of the box is a nuisance. I would stick to the conventional DualShock or invest in something else if you must. A better alternative for me would be the Pro EX Controller for PS3. It doesn’t look as nice but is half the price and is a lot better than this.



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