Top 5 Rhythm games of all time

The Rhythm game genre had a relatively short life, from its early beginnings in the late 90s it is now all but dead. They allowed me to feel like a musical god, despite my lack of talent. I have never been a good dancer but I could pull off some sick moves in Bust a Groove.  Likewise I could never play guitar, but I felt like a true hero through its golden ages. Here is vgDs ultimate Rhythm game line up.

1. Space Channel 5


Strange? Very. Camp? Of course. Space Channel 5 came out on the ill fated Dreamcast in 2000 and was a roller coaster ride of campness and an unrealistic vision of the future. Set 500 years in the future you starred as Ulala, the funky space reporter as she battles aliens through the medium of dance. Although the game was short, it deserved a few play throughs (I think I’m on about 20 in total). Ulala can now be found making cameo appearances in other SEGA games.

2. Parappa The Rapper


Widely touted as the game that started it all. I was 9 years old at the time when this hit our Playstations back in ’96 and it blew my mind. I never really understood what was going on or why but I knew one thing, it was cool as hell. The game is still very playable, its infectious music and lovable but strange characters such as Chop Chop Master Onion all add to a euphoric gaming experience. I would of included Um Jammer Lammy in this list but the gameplay is pretty similar(although very awesome). Rumor has it that Parappa will be making a comeback in 2014, much to the delight of the whole world! U Rappin’?

3. Gitaroo Man


Gitaroo Man is somewhat of a cult classic, probably like most of the games on here. You take the role of a boy strangely named U-1, learning how to play the guitar from his talking dog Puma. He then transforms in to Gitaroo man and you battle villains in epic guitar battles. If you’re confused then don’t be, I don’t think it was intended to have any deep meaning or to even make any sense. What I do know is that it is a killer soundtrack, style and unique playing system. Not much is known about whether it will ever return, nothing would please me more though.

4. Amplitude


Amplitude was the sequel to the equally as good Frequency and hit our PS2 way back in ’03. The idea of remixing tracks with an interactive color explosion of a game really resonated with fans of the genre. Amplitude added online play and really pushed rhythm games to their creative limits. It was fast, ambitious and had a hit list of musical gems to play along to. If you’re looking for an innovative, seizure inducing, fresh experience and haven’t already picked this up then please do.

5. Guitar Hero


Infinitely less weird than the other offerings in the list, I simply cannot ignore the global success that was Guitar Hero. During its glory days it attracted the worlds masses and was universally praised by critics. It gave the ability for normal people to feel like a rock star, everyone from you to your grandad could experience the thrills(without the drugs, sex and violence). The series died out a few years ago but still has a strong community, with Guitar Hero III the most supported.

Do you have a different opinion? Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Rhythm games of all time”

  1. I think Guitar Hero was the king of the genre really, though it got slightly milked towards the end and Rock Band went a bit accessory mad.

    I’d like to give a special mention to Cytus, free on Android, think there’s a charge for it on iOS, basically turns your phone/tablet screen into a finger-tapping percussion instrument, one of my most favourite rhythm-action games in recent times. Very slick, aesthetically beautiful, highly recommended.

    1. Cytus is another game I have yet to play, with writing the blog and playing games I think my life is turning into a virtual reality, I need more time in the day. I’m a sucker for quirky titles like that, thanks for the recommendation friend!

      1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I thought about writing about games once but I knew it would take too much enjoyment away from actually playing them, which is where the fun really is. So I became a comment-er instead, best of both worlds 🙂

      2. It is very time consuming, especially as I’m the only blogger on my site. With work, gaming, family and spending time with my daughter I need more hours in the day. I envy you! haha

  2. Amplitude and DDR! We used to travel to the coast to a specific arcade that had one of the only 5th mix machines around because everytwhere else was moving to the Euromix machines which were frankly not anywhere near as good.

    Honourable mentions go to Bust-a-groove and Elite Beat Agents as well as Boom Boom Rocket on 360. I always wanted to have a go on that machine that detected where your hands were in a beam of light in 360 degrees, but never got the nerve to step up and try it lol.

    Rhythm action games have been pretty much a family constant in our household, my wife being the resident expert. She too loved both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but Rock Band allowed us to play together well before GH did and did it better imo. GH3 had the best guitar-centric implementation for me though.

    1. You sound a lot more hardcore than me! haha. Amplitude should of got a mention really, I picked it up in a charity shop a few years after it was released for about 50p and it was the best purchase I’ve had from there.

      The problem was I could only choose 5, I should really think about extending my lists as all of the games you mentioned have solid prospects of making peoples top 10 ever lists.

      Rock Band did what Guitar Hero did in a more multiplayer effective way but it without Guitar Hero it probably wouldn’t of existed, hence why I put Guitar Hero rather than Rock Band.

      Thank you for your input, you should consider doing write ups of your own!

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