Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro Review

I was looking for ways to enhance my gaming experience and I stumbled across this and bought it on a bit of a whim. I previously had problems playing 3rd person games such as Resident Evil Revelations and was hoping this would be the answer to my prayers. Did it?

Aesthetics and Feel

The circle pad pro is designed to give the player the ability to use the 3DS as more of a traditional control pad, with the added right ‘circle’ and bumper buttons. However, on first impression this looks anything but like a control pad with its particularly bulky design.  It is designed to fit around the outside of your 3DS so all you need to to is pop the 3DS inside and you’re ready to go. Out of the box it feels slightly flimsy but when connected it feels fine. I suppose it has to be lightweight otherwise the whole thing would be too heavy.

It feels rather big but the ‘circles’ are easy too reach and it feels comfortable which is surprising. After prolonged use I never felt awkward or had cramp in my hands which is always a good sign. I can’t help but feel that future revisions of the 3DS will implement the features of the Circle Pad Pro. Quite why the dual ‘circles’ were left out in the first place is beyond me. Another issue is that is no longer suitable for carrying around in your pocket, so if you’re a gamer on the move then forget about this.



The whole unit connects via infrared and requires a single AAA battery to operate which comes included. Apparently the battery can last for 480 hours which is impressive and means you won’t be pestered by changing them frequently. Once you’ve booted up a compatible game it seems to recognize the device instantly and asks if you would like to use the circle pad pro which was neat. I will say one thing, once in place you won’t be able to change game cards unless you removed the circle pad pro in it’s entirety. It’s also region free meaning you can use it with any version of the 3DS, regardless of the region purchased.


It’s certainly a better experience for Resident Evil Revelations but compatibility is an issue, with only a handful of selected titles currently available. This is not a worthy investment if you don’t play any of the compatible games which currently are (according to

You may want to hold out to see the designs of the future 3DS before considering this add-on. It is well priced to take a risk on if you’re looking for something to immediately better your experience in any of the games above.


It’s a solid addition if you want more out of certain games on the 3DS. The lack of support really troubles me though, surely with the hundreds of games out it should have a few more titles. I can’t see the list expanding either, most developers are choosing to ignore the device. The size becomes a real issue in terms of portability but doesn’t hinder gameplay. I’d only recommend for Resident Evil die-hards who have an interest in some of the other games it supports such as Metal Gear Solid.

nintendocicle copy

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro (Nintendo 3DS) is priced at £9.75 which is a relatively good buy considering the lack of competition.


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