Are these the best PS4 and Xbox One games released so far?

Both the PS4 and Xbox One are in their infancy, with only a handful of games released on each thus far. There are even fewer console exclusives so what’s the pick of them so far? I find myself switching between both and going back to the 360 and PS3, neither console has got a system seller as of yet but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on some pretty decent launch titles. Here’s a run down of the best games released so far on our shiny new systems according to us a vgD.

Flower – PS4


Originally released on the PS3, it landed on the PS4 as a day 1 release with shiny new graphics and ran at 60 FPS to truly enhance what was a wonderful experience already. For those who haven’t played either version you won’t find any experience like this. You play as the wind and control nature as you push petals around interacting with flowers and the environment around you. Flower is so good because it’s a welcome change of pace. Instead of frantically running and gunning people down you are treated to calm, peaceful bliss which allows you to play at your own pace. It’s a breath of fresh air and at £6.49 from PSN, it offers considerable value and you’ll be surprised how enjoyable this simple game is.

Forza 5 – Xbox One


Forza for me has never been a ‘fun’ game but what it lacks in cheap thrills it makes up for in quality and polish. Whether you’re on the side of Gran Turismo is you’re strictly Team Forza there is no denying the beauty of the game or the hyper realism the game offers. It doesn’t have many new tricks but visually the game excels and so far is front of grid for racing and gaming fans alike. It’s more of a demo of what is to come from the Xbox One and shows off it’s graphical excellence much better than any game released so far. Hook this game up with the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition steering wheel and you’ll experience a level of realism we’ve never seen before.

Battlefield 4 – Xbox One and PS4


Battlefield has had it’s fair share of problems on the Xbox One but DICE are committed to a long term project and improvements will come. Battlefield 4 sees 64 player combat in a console FPS for the very first time (well, first time I’ve encountered it anyway) if that isn’t enough to get you excited then read on. Battlefield 4 improves on the previous versions and is bigger and better than ever. It looks impressive and the overall ‘scope’ for the game now is huge. Vehicular warfare is now played out on huge terrains, with destructible buildings adding to the drama and excitement. Battlefield is a war game which offers just that, all out war and chaos and gets the nod over Call of Duty in this list because of it’s size and vehicles. Single player is worth a swerve, but in the modern day of FPS gaming nobody is buying a game for single player anyway.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – PS4

killzone shadow

Probably a similar review to Battlefield above, mainly because of it’s lackluster campaign and the fact it’s only really worth bothering with for online play. I would actually say the single player is actually quite terrible, but look beyond this and it’s actually a very good title. It has a Crysis inspired feel to the game and is decent online sci-fi shooter. Not quite the Halo/CoD/BF Killer it was widely touted as being but another visual display of eye candy. Truly impressive next gen visuals and a deep, varied multiplayer experience make this a great first purchase for your PS4.

Dead Rising 3


It has it critics and rightly so. It is a bit of a mess of a game, with short stints of zombie killing brilliance followed by dullness and a poor story. The thing that’s so impressive about Dead Rising is the gameplay when its good, hoardes of seemingly thousands of blood thirsty zombies all stumbling around is impressive. There is no stutter despite the amount of individual characters all being in the scene at the same time, which is another great example of the power of the new consoles. Dead Rising 3 justifies a purchase for its technical brilliance, zombies have never looked so good, neither has it been more satisfying slaying them.


8 thoughts on “Are these the best PS4 and Xbox One games released so far?”

  1. It’s all sequels or re-releases, one of the poorest new generations lineups we’ve had in… generations. Personally I got my kicks from Warframe but it’s very difficult to get into, really needs a decent manual.

    1. Really couldn’t get in to Warframe, although it’s the type of game I’d have to dedicate a lot of time to if I wanted to enjoy the experience. I played the PC version though so I’m not sure how it stacks up against the Playstation version.

  2. Its still very early. All the best and higher profile games are coming later. Personally I’m on XB1, so I’m still waiting on games like Quantum Break or Titanfall before the real console separation begins.

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