Has the internet ruined gaming?

Whilst the internet is undoubtedly the best thing since sliced bread, I want to cast you mind back to the 90s, before it’s prevalence and mainstream acceptance. We had no idea what to expect from a game, word of mouth was typically the best form of advice we had on deciding which game to spend our hard earned pocket money on. Times have drastically changed, not only do we now have access to reviews from critics and players alike, we also have full game play videos in which we can see what we will act out.

The lack of surprise is quite sad for us who are old enough to remember the ‘good old days’. However, a lot will argue we now have a more informed choice but look where it has led us. No-one is willing to take risks on games, sure these games may be bad, but a lot of gamers are stuck in a loop of buying the same game year in, year out. New releases are seen and dismissed in a heart beat. Reviews tell us that the game is below par and the game struggles. We believe too much what is written on the internet by those who have some kind of authority.

We will know longer feel the joy demonstrated in this commercial

I enjoyed the old days, going in to your local game store and picking up a game only really judging it by the box art and the description at the back. The whole mystery and intrigue added to gaming. We also had to make choices on what consoles to buy based on which one we though looked the best and which one had the most appealing mascot. Nowadays mascots are not required, we already know exactly what the console can do and what games to expect. Sure, we had magazines with the odd picture in but we didn’t make decisions based on that.

The growing fear is that fewer console games will be produced, which to me is an inevitability. The only games that do well are big releases which is a real turn off to any developer creating a costly new IP. There’s an interesting article about EA on the BBC website here which basically outlines what I’ve just said. The risk to a developer is huge, with games being scrutinized more and more and gamers seemingly dis-interested in new content it’s a real headache. With more profitable mobile games which are cheaper and quicker to develop, the future for console gaming doesn’t look too healthy.

Obviously the internet allows us more interactivity between our friends and gaming is now more social than ever. However, the sacrifices the gaming world will have to make to adjust to todays gamer may be more damaging than we realize.


3 thoughts on “Has the internet ruined gaming?”

  1. I think the benefits of internet far outweigh the evils, bugs in games are probably the most noticeable result, they’re allowed to slip through because they can be patched. Remember the days when games HAD to work out of the box? But then if you died in those you had to restart from the beginning….

    I think I can live with the internet 🙂

  2. In the old days I didn’t mind the mystery of buying a game just based on the cover. Amstrad tapes would only set me back a couple of pounds so it wasn’t a big loss if I picked up a dud. These days I am grateful for internet reviews. It’s no fun blowing £40 on something that ends up sucking.

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