Top 5 saddest video game deaths of all time

Video games can make us feel a lot of emotions, some fill us with joy and excitement whilst some can make us shed a tear or two. It’s the latter I want to explore today and there’s no end in the amount of worthy candidates for our top 5. Games are a powerful medium and should be heralded for making us feel in such a way. More efforts need to be focused on captivating story lines that can fill us with so much passion towards an individual. Video games are not all about mindless killings and reckless driving, here’s out top 5 saddest gaming deaths that prove just that.

1. John Marston –  Red Dead Redemption

Few can say that his death didn’t strike a chord with them. We spend the entire game following his adventures in the Wild West through all his highs and lows only to be dealt with one of the most powerful deaths gaming has ever seen. When we burst through those doors at the end are completely surrounded and the music kicks in we know what fate is coming to the lovable rogue. However, the part which really makes the eyes water is when Abigail weaps over his dead body and Jack is there to see it all. It was a truly emotional ending to a fantastic game and experience.

2. Cortana – Halo 4

Up until Cortanas death I never felt anything in Halo, except the sweet fulfillment of tearing grunts to shreds with my assault rifle.  Sure, there were deaths before hand but beyond Sergeant Johnson I didn’t particularly care. Cortana filled a gap in the Halo series, she was the only one who showed any emotion and really made the series stand out from the crowd. Her death made John feel something too which is something we hadn’t seen before. Their love for each other was undoubtedly strange but it was an unlikely romance we all hoped and preyed for. It was moving in the way she finally got to touch John for the first time, something which she obviously had yearned for. Hopefully she will return, either that or Spartan 117 goes on an ass kicking spree to deal with his pain. Both are likely.

3. Maria Santiago – Gears of War 2

This was a touching scene which for me made me well up more than what I did for Dominics eventual death in Gears 3 (though both are immensely sad). Dominics quest for Maria initially ends in one of joy, finding his long lost partner at last and he thought he would save her from the Locust torture she endured. Once cut out of the confined pod she had been held captured in he sees his dear Maria a shadow of her former self. She had endured torture and hell beyond anyones imagination and had turned into a mindless slave for the Locust regime. Dominic takes it upon himself to shoot his wife in the head, in an act of euthanasia, but it’s the moments leading up to that which really hit the spot. His sadness is expressed so well and the despair he feels will haunt me for a long time. Even the ever-cold Marcus shows signs of emotion. This truly is one of the saddest moments in video game history.

4. Aeris – Final Fantasy VII

Probably the first game that ever made me feel anything. Before her death she was a central character in the game and her death was so moving because of it’s unexpected nature. No one could of anticipated she would feel the cold hand of death, even at the point where she was at Sephiroths mercy. The game took a chance and it paid off, to see Aeris lying dead in Clouds arms made your appetite for revenge and Sephiroths blood rise further. You wanted to get payback and it was left as a cliffhanger after disc 1. I wonder how many people were inspired to play on to the very end because of that very one, soul crushing moment.

5. Lirum – Lost Odyssesy

Lirums death is probably one of most heart wrenching scenes you will ever see in a game. She is seen lying in her bed with her nearest and dearest in a clip which lasts a good 5 minutes of pure despair and agony, both for the characters and yourself. Kaim thinks his daughter died before this event and to be re-united and lose her again within the same scene was a devastating blow. There’s an obvious inevitability with her death but the lead up to it is still emotional nevertheless. A daughters dying words were always going to tug on the heart strings. If you haven’t picked up Lost Odyssey I thoroughly recommend it, the emotion you feel and the accompanying dialogue are exceptional.


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