Top 5 most Overrated games of the last decade

My top 5 series continues with a word in gaming that always comes under scrutiny. ‘Overrated’ is usually a term used when a series or particular game is popular which is not to your own personal taste. I’ve tried to separate my own thoughts and feelings and look at the facts when choosing this list. Did a game sell in its droves but was universally slated? Did people jump on a bandwagon? Was the game really just a steaming pile of crap? I asked myself these questions when choosing these games. Of course you’re free to be offended if one of your faves makes this list, I still love you.

1. Borderlands


The game bores me to tears. I can’t help but feel like it’s a poor mans Fallout. The pace was staggered so much and the characters were bland and lifeless. It may be the fact that it’s set in a huge wasteland, it may be the fact I couldn’t be bothered with it’s annoying and pointless missions or it could just be me that thinks this game deserves zero merit. The biggest problem to me is that it tried to be a happy medium, combining elements of Fallout, Halo and Diablo and didn’t better them or even emulate them in their respective fields. Claptrap is a constant annoyance and I would quite like to kick his shiny metal ass, I would of enjoyed the game had there been a kick button. It may have sold well and undoubtedly has its fans but for me it tried to do everything and succeeded at none.

2. Limbo

limbo is poo

A game that seemingly took the world by storm, everyone except me that is. Limbo is a pretentious game that puts style over substance. It claims to be all deep and sophisticated but really its a budget title that pretends to be better than what it actually is. It’s short and holds little replay value. It’s artistic approach doesn’t sit right with me either, it may be a different style but different isn’t always good. Braid is a highly superior game with a similar rating which keeps me interested a lot more than this.

3. World of Warcraft

world of warcraft

Its a dumbed down MMORPG that was once a trendsetter but has aged badly and been overtaken by bigger and better rivals. I can’t help but feel its popularity is solely based on its community rather the game play elements. If you’re a newbie you don’t get to do any of the good stuff and its off putting to grind it out just to get to the PvP and raids which its known for. I’m not denying it was a decent game when it first came out, but the last few years have seen it age with no real improvement and its been left in the dust for me. 

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

overrated game

It’s the game many CoD fans regard as its finest hour but for me it failed on a number of points. The campaign was actually not bad for a CoD game but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that any one buys the game for it’s spectacular and deep campaign. The so called multiplayer revolution this was meant to have started is nothing more than new maps from the superior Call of Duty 4. It’s brimming with cheaters, the progression based ranking system provided no challenge and introduced the dreaded grind to console FPS mutiplayer games. Its legacy may be high regarded among its community but for me it spawned copycat games to emulate its crapness for the past 4 years.

5. Angry Birds

angry birds is shit

It’s quite easy to hate on this ‘game’ and it ticks every box in what I’m looking for in terms of being overrated. A simple game which had children hooked everywhere its success peaked due to its ability to appeal to non gamers. Levels are repetitive and dull, it has no tricks other than aim and fire, rinse and repeat. I felt like I had to include one of the many crap mobile games available a few years ago (they’re getting much better now) and this is my choice.

I expect a bit of a backlash from some people but hey, if everyone thought the same then the world would be pretty dull. Let me know what you think guys!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 most Overrated games of the last decade”

  1. Borderlands is one of my most loved franchises from last gen, it gets a lot better if you stick with it and find a gun that melts your enemies’ faces off instead of having to pop away with little bullets. It’s all about the loot, I think where a lot of people missed the point was that you actually had to go out and find that loot. Those that didn’t missed one of the best endgames in lootfest history aka The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.

    WoW had me captivated for 5 years straight, and I hate raiding. I do love grinding though, and WoW has that, and still has that, in spades.

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison I guess 🙂

    For me I just didn’t get Braid, but then I detest platformers, always have, so Limbo I can agree with too. I’ll also throw in most indies, because I always get the feeling I’ve already played them 30 years ago.

  2. WoW has completely revamped itself and it’s graphics. The new expansion is completely changing models and improving even more graphics, let alone implementing community guild fortresses. I give them a lot of credit for staying the King.

    Subscribers from December numbers have gone up 200k as they are sitting at 7.8 million active subscriptions.

    Over-rated? Absolutely not.

  3. Like I said in the CoD debate post – MW2 is the worst in the series IMO. Completely unbalanced with a focus on air support (and therefore camping for it), and changed the direction of the whole series for the worse.

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