Venom Rechargeable Twin Batteries Review – Xbox One

Batteries in controllers have always been a bit of a nightmare, they always seem to run out when you’re in the middle of a huge kill streak or just when you’re about to beat the final boss. Carrying on from the success of the 360 version, Venom have brought forward a revamped version of their Twin Battery pack for the Xbox One. If you’re familiar with the 360 version then you’ll kinda know what to expect but for those who are new to Venom and there battery packs here’s what you need to know.


What you get

Included in the box is a 2 meter wire with a 1 meter split cable so you can charge two batteries at once. Also included is two Venom branded rechargeable batteries and two Venom branded battery covers. They look quite impressive, the logo itself is something I’m a fan of.


The cable itself is strong and has ample length for your gaming needs. The split makes the difference between yourself and the other battery a length of 2 meters in total, with 1 meter allowed for each battery. This allows us to either charge a single battery or charge two batteries at once meaning you should never be without power for your beloved new, shiny Xbox One pad. I assume you can also charge two controllers at once, which is particularly handy when having a friend around as you can both play and charge at the same time whilst only using one USB port.

The Test


The batteries come with a small amount of charge already so to see the performance I ran the battery completely down and charged from empty. The whole charging process took around 2 hours for each battery which was impressive considering the amount of play time you get out of each. The play time lasted me around 20 hours in total for each battery, I’m not sure if the battery lasts longer depending on what you are doing but this was impressive nevertheless. You will notice that when you put the batteries on charge a green light will flicker. This is to show you that the battery is charging and it will remain flickering until the battery is completely charged and ready to use. This is a handy indicator and means you don’t have to second guess whether or not your batteries are fully charged.

The batteries does not use the conventional port that the Xbox One pad. It has its own port which is why a special battery cover is included, to allow access to the slot the battery uses. The battery cover fits snugly on to your pad and has no rattle and doesn’t slip off easy. It fits flush with the back of your Xbox pad and the Venom logo is a really nice touch to add to your pad.


This is a must have for anyone who wants to charge their Xbox One pad and play at the same time. The dual battery feature is one worth investing in considering its low price and how it extends your gameplay. The Xbox One pad doesn’t come with the Micro USB needed to charge it, this is not only an alternative but a much better option. Considering you’d have to buy a cable anyway this is a bargain and one a serious gamer can’t afford to miss.


You can pick up the Venom Rechargeable Twin Batteries from Amazon here for a rather impressive £14.99. Great value!

The rest of the Venom range can be found here


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