Venom XT Plus Headset Review – PS4, PS3, 360, PC & Mac

The Venom XT is Venoms signature headset. It sits proudly as a unique, stylish and multi-use king of the lower price headsets. The Venom XT+ is the new version of this headset, with added compatibility for the PS4. I take a look at some of the key features with an in-depth review and tell you all you need to know about their latest offering.

Unboxing Video

First Impressions

Out of the box the Venom XT+ feels surprisingly light, it has a look of being a lot heavier than what it actually is. The color scheme looks particularly nice and I would say overall this was a very stylish headset. It has padding to the ear pieces and headband which feels soft but not intrusive. Connectivity is via USB and included is everything you need to get going on your preferred platform, which is always a big plus. The overall design is something I suspect Venom spent a lot of time on, they have designed the headset to look as good as possible without sacrificing any of the key features gamers want to see. It’s certainly one of its biggest draws and the fact it had LED lights in the form of their logo, one on each side of the ear pieces, made me excited like a kid in a sweet game shop.

glowing headset
You can’t deny these look cool, you may want to play in the dark. Just because.

It has a detachable mic, something which I always champion mainly due to the fact its sometimes the easiest way to separate real life talk with in game chat. I know that wasn’t particularly what it was designed for but for me its a huge bonus. The detachable mic itself is made from a flexible metal tube, this making it very durable and making sure it won’t fall foul of the dreaded SNAPP! The inline volume controller is also impressive, with a range of options including  controlling the chat, game and vibration volume.

detachable mic
The detachable mic is a great feature, it’s flexibility is a real bonus

Of course, the main feature Venom champion is the Vibration feature. I was interested to see how this would play out in game. It’s something I’m sure a lot of us are unfamiliar with and instantly this was the thing I found most intriguing. How would this translate in the game? How would this enhance my gaming experience? It was time to plug it in and find out!

In game use

I decided to test this out on two consoles, one being the PS4 and one being the 360. I wanted to test it out on these two to see how it would perform on two completely different consoles, and because it is an upgraded headset enabling PS4 compatibility it was a no-brainer. Connectivity on each system was easy and straight forward. I connected my 360 up with a HDMI cable and my PS4 was just as straight forward. The wire length was surprisingly good and I had ample room to set up station for the imminent gaming session ahead of me.

As I loaded up my 360 and put in my chosen game (Halo 4) I could already feel a small vibration in the opening backing tracks covering the intros. I found that the vibration was subtle and remained that way throughout the games I played. It was never a hindrance and in close up firefights it really added something special to the experience. With every bullet there was a vibration, with every explosion it sounded real and it’s a truly unique feature. The vibration feature is not some slapped on gimmick, it makes you not only hear what is going on around you but feel it too. I then moved on to my PS4 and tried them out with Need for Speed Rivals for a change of pace. The vibration feature was just as impressive here too, with excitement at every acceleration, skid and eventual crash, it really left me in awe.

venom xt+ inline
The inline controller is accessible and easy to use

The headset is powered by 40mm drivers and 30mm vibration speakers and the quality shines through. The clarity was superb and didn’t have noticeable hiss or fuzzy sounds which sometimes plagues headsets in the lower price range. The headset suffers from no faults in frequency spikes and the bass coupled with the vibration feature delivers a rip-roaring performance. In fact the only minor disappointment was the fact I couldn’t turn the vibration up further. It was great on loud noises but could of been used with more effect on moderate sounds, such as a change of ground you were walking on or rougher terrain you were driving on but this a minor flaw.

Did I mention I love the Venom Logo?

The headset should be praised on how comfortable it is, it doesn’t have the same level of padding I have seen in others but it’s a comfortable experience overall. I played with the headset non-stop for a good 6 hours and it never felt out of place and never irritated me, which is exactly what I’m looking for my long gaming session needs. The fact that the ‘cups’ can pivot and swivel either way made this a much more enjoyable experience than what you’d find with fixed headsets. After my night was through it was time to put the headset away and it all folded neatly in to a nice little bundle which is perfect for storage purposes and was a lovely little touch.


The Venom XT+ has versatility in which others don’t, it makes the transition from console to console a painless and low cost exercise. It’s ability to perform well regardless of the system you’re using it on a big hit with me and will be with you too. For those who have a PS4 or are planning to purchase one in the future this could be an investment you need to make. With a low price tag (£39.99) it’s both affordable and will benefit you now if you’re a PS4/PS3/360 gamer and in the future if you’re leaning towards the PS4 and haven’t yet purchased one. This is a headset that for the price, offers a unique take on how we hear and feel a game. If you’re not planning on getting a PS4 I recommend the Venom XT, as it has pretty much the same functions as the XT+ without the compatibility.


You can buy the Venom XT+ for £39.99 from Amazon UK here

You can see the whole range of Venom products by clicking here


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