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Top 5 moments that changed console gaming

Console gaming has come a long way since it’s origins. There’s no denying there were pivotal moments to its success and without the the five events happening I’ve outlined below, we would see a much different industry to the one we see now.  Are any of these moments in your top 5?

1. The internet


Love or hate the internet you cannot deny the wonders it has done for gaming. Can you imagine your life without it? Can you imagine games without it? Every game requires the internet nowadays, whether it is for playing with your friends or fixing an issue within a game. Sure, it has its disadvantages as I outlined here but it’s such a powerful tool that putting anything other than this as number 1 would be foolish. I’m not going to talk too much about the internet, you’re fully aware of it and what it does…otherwise why are you reading this (on the internet)?

2. Super Mario Bros

super mario bros

The game that defined an era and many childhoods. This was my first ever game and elevated gaming in to the mainstream. It got the world talking about and playing games, which considering the troubles the industry was having at the time it could of saves games in general. It became the benchmark for games to come for many years and for me if it wasn’t for this game then gaming would certainly not be where it’s at today. Platform gaming had never played so smooth and this game is the reason I’m sat here writing this right now. Hang in there Nintendo!

3. DualShock Controller


The introduction of 3D games caused a major headache when playing games with a control pad without analog sticks. Difficult maneuverability and dreadful camera angles were a thing of the past when the DualShock hit our shelves in ’97. The fact that the DualShock control pad has pretty much remained the same after so many years is testament to how good it was and still is. It has been emulated since and probably bettered but what it did for gaming can not be underestimated. Without it, 3D console gaming would not be the same, the dual analog sticks are now an essential piece of kit to every gamer.

4. Nintendo Wii


Whilst the raging console war between the 360 and the PS3 ensued, it was neither of them that ended up being the victor. Instead, the Nintendo Wii crept in to over 100 million households and took the crown. It was a breakthrough for gaming because it toned down the long battle of graphics superiority and frames per second nonsense. It showed developers and the world that the key to sales was fun and gameplay rather than realism.  The motion technology translated so well in to simple but fun games, and showed us we don’t need a pad to play games and have a good time.

5. Xbox Live


Xbox Live came around in 2002, although it would be a few years after this it would realize its real potential. Online gaming wasn’t something new, it wasn’t even something new on a console, with the SEGA Dreamcast before it trying and failing. Xbox Live was Microsofts answer to a lot of gaming prayers. It has made console gaming what it is today, a social experience and one where you can challenge anyone in the world to your chosen game. “It’s good to play together” was their slogan, and this is certainly a message which has been embraced by the gaming public.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 moments that changed console gaming”

  1. I’d go back to where it all started, devices like the Sinclair ZX81 introducing a whole generation to home-made games and the bedroom coding revolution, which really kicked off gaming at home big time, before that it was just the arcades or Pong.

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