Top 5 best gaming love stories that never happened – Valentines Day Special

Valentines day gaming special. The day of love is nearly upon us and I’ll be celebrating the best in game romances by playing through my favorite love stories(I do have a heart). Instead of providing a simple list of the best fully fledged romances, I have gone for the nearly romances. The ones that nearly made it but fall at the final hurdle, the ones we long to see but haven’t happened yet and may never happen. It brings a tear to my eye, here goes.

1. Shenmue – Ryo and Nozomi


Probably the most interesting of all gaming love stories. This is one that leaves you feeling frustrated and wanting Ryo to grow a set of balls. He likes her, she likes him, they are childhood sweethearts and make the perfect couple but is he so hellbent on avenging his fathers death that he doesn’t care enough to do anything about it. In fact, it seems as though Ryo is the apple of a few girls eye. His rather strange relationship with Joy is another potential romance, except we feel nothing for Joy as she’s a rebellious big mouth. It looks as if we will never see how this tale will play out, with Shenmue 3 nowhere to be seen. Do the right thing Ryo! (and SEGA)

2. Mario – Mario and Princess Peach


So, we always end up saving Princess Peach from the brink of certain doom but for what reason? Mario obviously has the hots for her but Nintendo would never go in to relationships in any depth. Perhaps now is the time Nintendo need to take a risk and make a game that doesn’t involving jumping around aimlessly and provide us with a decent story. They’ve got nothing to lose, right?

3. Enslaved – Monkey and Trip


A lot closer to a relationship than any other on this list but the lack of physical embrace was disappointing. The love they have for eachother is displayed throughout the game but nothing is ever elevated on to the next level. This is a game that focuses on a story more than others so why they didn’t include a bond beyond what they did is confusing and frustrating. The way that Trip falls for Monkey against the odds was a huge draw for the game and a triumph for game romances. It builds and builds but there is no climax. With no apparent sequel maybe we will be left on this emotional cliffhanger. *Sigh*…

4. Halo – Masterchief and Cortana


An unlikely romance that captivated fans since Combat Evolved. Physically impossible it didn’t stop us all from dreaming of the first human/AI relationship. There will they/won’t they relationship spanned 4 games, their feelings coming to a climax in the ending of Halo 4. We really feel for them because of the fact they won’t ever have the chance to become intimate, it’s an impossibility that the ending showed in an emotional light. Cortana is now ‘dead’ but I think she will return, hopefully somehow in human form(this is another universe) and have some kind of relationship with Chief. Here’s to hoping.

5. The Legend of Zelda – Link and Zelda


A similar situation to Mario, although this is a more obvious romance. I think part of the draw of the game is the player wanting and expecting more but never getting it. Sure, there have been a few near misses but the affection shown between them is usually through actions. He saves her, she falls in love but nothing ever materializes. This is going to a long running affair I assume, after all this time they still haven’t got it on. What hope is there in the future? Nintendo, you tease.


7 thoughts on “Top 5 best gaming love stories that never happened – Valentines Day Special”

  1. All of these choices are spot on. Your totally right with Mario and Peach, obviously they are together but Nintendo for some reason don’t want to go in depth with it. 🙂

  2. Link and Zelda needs to happen for my own personal sanity as a fan of the series. I really thought it was going to happen in Skyward Sword and that was one of the reasons I loved that game so much. But nope 😦

      1. Could you imagine the amount of mods there’d be for it if it was on PC? Then again I’d still be missing out because I don’t have a gaming PC

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