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Everyone’s excited for Titanfall. We get it. But where are the other games? Considering “Backwards Compatibility” isn’t an option right now, most gamers are feeling a little jipped and wanna know why they can’t have any more games.


If you’re like me you probably sold all your old games and consoles just to get enough to split the difference with someone on a next-gen console and now you have nothing but the dark corners of the internet to look for entertainment. So my question is why. Why, gaming companies, didn’t you hop on the next-gen hype that would have undoubtedly sold itself?

Well this ridiculous console war certainly didn’t help. That accompanied by the fact that both the PS4 and the Xbox One were so entirely rushed for the holidays that they’re buggier than a Grinch smile, created doubt. However the loyalty (or ignorance, I’m not really sure anymore) of our generation of gamers proved true as we helplessly bought into these new systems with the promise of “innovation.”

So now we’ve all got our consoles and we’ve played through Ryse more times than its beta testers (obviously…) and we’re ready for more.

Well…? Where is it? Where’s all the games?!

Watch Dogs is currently missing in action. Presumed dead.
Watch Dogs is currently missing in action. Presumed dead.

Sure we’ve got sequels and upgrades and well… We don’t have Titanfall but we will! Is that it?

We should have probably foreseen this but us gamers are a merciful bunch that forgive and forget way too quickly. We are complacent for titles that have worn out their franchise name and carelessly throw our wallets at DLC that could have easily been included in the release.

Honestly I imagined a world where, with a new console to make new games on and a new generation of gamers on the rise that we’d see something… I don’t know… New. But it seems companies nowadays are busy with making every game that was released in the last two years compatible with the next-gen systems so they can charge us for more money and make nearly 100% profit.

Is it really that hard to get a team together and make something innovative that can bring the world of gaming out of this Dark Ages? We have two brand new gaming consoles and nothing to show for it. I’m no professional so my opinion can only count for so much but isn’t it their job to entertain us? Why are they still in business and our itch for a good game still not scratched? Because we keep listening to this promise of bigger and better when, in all reality, the horizon is looking quite… empty.

*Sigh* But I digress. If it weren’t for these game companies, we wouldn’t have any of the games that we’ve come to love and cherish. I’d like to think they are doing their best. I’d like to think they are trying their hardest to come up with the next big thing. I just hope its not Halo 5. Or Call of Duty: Future Poltergeist Ops. I guess what I’m trying to say is Titanfall needs to hurry up and release.

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6 thoughts on “Next-Gen Games? by AllTheCoins”

  1. Being a PS4 owner, I have zero interest in Titanfall. Having said that if I were an XBox One owner I’d still have zero interest in Titanfall, it’s just not my type of game.

    I too am surprised at the lack of launch titles, Sony is shoving indies down our throat (I guess they’re quick and easy to get on the platform) and Microsoft seems to be doing its hardest to get us to watch TV instead, But here’s the good news:

    FFXIV Beta (PS4)

    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros
    Titanfall (XBox One)
    inFamous: Second Son (PS4)

    Kinect Sports Rivals (XBox One)
    Final Fantasy XIV (PS4)
    Child of Light

    May is always quiet, everyone gearing up for E3

    June is E3 and both consoles have a bunch of game each, so we should be back on track by then. Got an E3 wishlist? Chances are E3 will have it covered, the industry is listening.

    At the very least, unless you’re a Battlefield or CoD fan, Sony owners should be slightly more envious because of Forza, because they don’t have their Gran Turismo (that’s the case with me), but June onwards I reckon we can all stop griping and get gaming again.

  2. A very good article here touching on a point that I have been rambling on about for the past few weeks now. For me the launch titles on Xbox One weren’t strong enough leaving me wanting more from the console very early on.

    The other thing that I am really disappointed in is the lack, of Indie titles that have been launched by the Xbox One itself. When I heard about the new ID@Xbox Scheme back late last year I was truly looking forward to seeing what Developers had to offer and given that we have just now only just got news of two Indie games coming to the console, it once again leaves me feeling angry.

    It seems to me that Microsoft are spending more time correcting things that should have been available when the console launched back in November than giving us the games that we have come to expect from Microsoft.

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