Gamer of the week – Connor Councellor

So our new feature is gamer of the week. This is subject to change as if popularity rises I shall change it to gamer of the day. First up his Connor Councellor, here’s his profile. He was chosen based on his gaming passion and potential.


Name: Connor Councellor

Age: 17

Gaming history: Has been playing games since he was in diapers (hope you’re out of them now Connor)

Favorite game: The Halo series (good choice!)

Inspiration: Connor was inspired to start his YouTube channel because of the Yogscast. His Youtube link can be found below.

Aspirations: He hopes one day to make Youtube his full-time job once he is through with education. He labels himself as a semi-pro Halo player who is currently looking for a team, so if anyone wants him, hit him up!

Links: Connor goes under the alias of EasyDayGaming. His Youtube can be found here. His twitter handle is @EasyDayGaming

If you would like to feature here then drop me an email to or catch me on twitter @Videogamedebate


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