gamers – Dollar make them holla

So yesterday I was pretty frustrated at not having a Titanfall code for either the Xbox One or PC, so found myself watching a few games on I have already vented my frustration at professional gamers but this service infuriated me further.

Obviously a lot of you will be familiar with Twitch, it’s basically a place where people go to see live gameplay of games, played by their favorite gamers. Since when had watching people play games been fun though? I watched around 5 minutes and became quite uneasy with the amount of ‘donate to me’ links dotted about so left. There is also an option to subscribe to the person playing games for a fee of $4.99 a month, which means no more adverts and other s**t ‘perks’.

I sincerely hope those figures are not the amount of dollars donated.
I sincerely hope those figures are not the amount of dollars donated.

My frustration is probably due to insane jealousy but more at the exploitation of individuals. Why anyone would want to pay to watch an unattractive grown mans face coupled with occasional, lifeless commentary is beyond me. Is it someones personality we are supposed to be throwing money at? Is it the fact they have epic skills and deserve our cash? It’s pretty unclear.

One of the biggest problems on twitch is the copious amount of whores. ‘Gaming girls’ who have no personality or self respect showing their assets to the gaming public for donations. At least they are providing some kind of service I guess, in the same way a prostitute does. Their moms must be so proud. They show their tits at every given opportunity, tits means cash.

twitch whores

There are literally tens of thousands of gamers all trying their hand at live streaming on twitch, all in a bid to emulate the con-men at the top of the view table. What I will say is there is a huge divide in the community, with many gamers only getting a handful of viewers compared to the more popular ones who are in there thousands at any given time. Maybe it’s a sign of me getting old but I really just don’t get it.

Yet again we are given another medium that offers us a path to turn our game playing hobby in to a profession. I have been reliably informed that some ‘top end’ users generate thousands of dollars each day. At that rate they would be getting paid more than celebrities, more than someone in service, more than you and I make in a year after a few days playing. This is the disgrace you should be discussing, not this article.

Another thing that bothered me was that it was promoting an unhealthy, lazy lifestyle. The whole ‘Sitting on your ass can make you money kids’  attitude is against some kind of moral code. It also made me uneasy watching someone in their room, it was almost like watching Babestation, except with moobs.

So who are the people donating and watching? Well, I can only imagine the lonely young males who are doing such a thing. Instead of watching porn or playing games with their friends like normal young teens, they are now watching a hairy dude playing games, probably in his underwear. They must be the equivalent of strippers for hardcore gaming nerds, who are willing to throw dollars at them if they show them the goods.

This must be the ideal lifestyle for any young man, in fact if anyone wants to pay to watch me play games in my undies then please feel free. You can donate to

Please note, I only accept 50s minimum.


Due to all the hate comments I have decided to remove the image, I had no idea it was for charity what he was doing. The post still reflects my opinion on the community and others. Apologies CohhCarnage


88 thoughts on “ gamers – Dollar make them holla”

  1. You unfortunately came into a channel not understanding what is going on, but searching for a product that you admittedly had been frustrated to not obtain. So lets discuss what you saw. Did Cohh make $15k in one day? Yes…did you know that the $15k was made for cancer treatment charities?

    As stated before there is no swindling that occurs. People are given the option to donate to a entertainment medium that they want to see. So think about this, people pay to watch movies, listen to music, and to be a part of something special. Streamers no matter what they provide are bringing entertainment in a similar fashion.

    Just as the thousands upon thousands of actors, musicians, and performers attempt to do. There are some who excel and rise to the top, and there are some that never take off. Some of this is the capability of the streamer, some is their status as a professional gamer (which probably 99% of the streamers online are not), and finally much is luck.

    These are the same factors that are associated with any traditionally accepted entertainment medium. Also, lets discuss what is given back. I have been watching streams of all kinds for about a year (much longer than the apparent 15 minutes you gave it) and I can honestly say that Cohh Carnage filled a niche that was open for the taking. He has developed a “Cohhmunity” that was built upon 3 values. Happy, Helpful, and Respectful. This was a portion of the streaming community that had not really been tapped into. He allows anyone to have an opinion, and rarely boots/bans people from stream.

    Since you brought up the monetary aspect of the stream I will too. Many of the regulars on Cohh’s stream donate games, beta invites, or other electronic medium items that can be redeemed. I have been watching Cohh’s stream since August, and he received the ability to obtain subscribers in September. This means that I have spent a total of $25 on his subscription, of which he receives approximately half after Twitch et. al take their cut. I can tell you that I have won four games via his stream for a total value of $150. So, not only have I got my money back on products I would purchase anyway, I exceeded the amount spent exponentially.

    You did bring up some very interesting points however. I try to remain as objective as I can in situations like this, so I will now address some points that I think that you made that were valid. Can streaming be seen as a cash grab? Absolutely, look at the numerous former Porn stars who have moved to streaming as a viable medium after their careers were over.

    Individuals exploit the fact that they have sex appeal, professional gamer status, or other semi-celebrity status, and are willing to flaunt this in a manner that provides viewership. However, these individuals also provide something that is wanted ie. people like to look at sexy people. These individuals tend to be the ire of the streaming community male and female alike, because of their perceived lack of talent in streaming and the games that they play.

    Finally, I’ll address the thought that this promotes a lifestyle of fat, lazy people. I cannot disagree with this, but one could make the argument that you do just as well. You provide a digital entertainment medium for people to indulge upon. You may not be asking for direct donations, but your website is asking for ad revenue.

    It would seem that you curse the foundations upon which much of these systems have been developed, and ask the public to turn a blind eye to your extraction of the same product. Using the aforementioned example of sex appeal, I would akin your standpoint to be similar to a stripper casting off a porn star as someone who sells their body for sex.

    Thank you for your op-ed, and I hope that the Cohhilition was able to bring you many more readers than you normally experience; which I can only assume is the case. Keep thinking up interesting opine pieces to write about, and we hope to see you again in the Cohhilition.

      1. So you attack Twitch why? Just wondering because how is this any worse than any other type of syndication? Your own site has two to three different generated ads. Who cares if some people want to throw money at people that are streamers. When it all boils down to it isn’t it just reality TV for gamers? Has to be better than the reality TV crap that is on TV.

        As far as gaming sluts, doesn’t the industry kind of cater to that? I mean when was the last time you saw a convention or a game that a girl wasn’t sexualized. Everyone is looking for their piece of the pie and where you aren’t sexualizing the medium, isn’t that what an online blog kind of is? A way to get your opinion out there and create a following? I’m sure you didn’t create this page to blindly put something out there and hope that no one sees it?

        I’m not attacking you but I think you have to look at the medium as a whole and not attack the community person by person because if you do that you could write your next article titled “Bloggers, dollar make them holla”.

        P.S. – I applaud you for your site but I would actually encourage you as a fellow blogger with a degree in Digital Media/Telecommunications/Broadcast to actually try twitch. You don’t necessarily have to use it as a means of income but as a way to expand your reviews and information. It is a very interesting time right now in the world of digital media with more and more power being given to the every day person with very little investment in technology to achieve one’s goal.

      2. I write articles to attract a crowd, that’s what I’ve done. Does that make me a douchebag? probably. I don’t ask for donations and any ad revenue goes to wordpress, not myself. I write this blog in my spare time, by myself as a hobby.

  2. .. I Didn’t see the article before hand, so I’m not sure exactly what you “edited” outside of the picture. That being said, you can’t even call these comments “Hateful” when you blatantly attacked someone, with nothing to physically stand on. You did have all of your facts wrong, and when it was brought to your attention.. its like you’re the victim..

    There are so many things in this article that can be justified in real world functional applications. The look everyone is giving you right now, is the equivalent of the crazy religious conspiracy theory dude chilling in the back talking to himself.. You’ve brought nothing to the table other than an elongated rant. This is the most ridiculous thing that i have personally read in my life. Anyone who has read this is now dumber for reading it, and they have you to blame for that.

    There are two good things that came from this article however.. 1.) i know to stay away from this website.. clearly if its willing to post this garbage, it really has no standards of any kind. 2.) You could always send the smear campaign to Fox news.. I’m sure they’d love this level of shear crazy!

  3. Dude you are welcome to your opinion but the article is poorly articulated and the argument you try and put across is grossly flawed.

    The people streaming are providing entertainment, if you do not enjoy watching someone play a game that’s fine, no one is forcing you to.
    I for one enjoy watching people stream, I feel entertained by the content they share. Some streamers do not only provide content but also host and facilitate healthy communities. This often motivates individuals to give back to said streamers. Something to really hit home, is that the people donating and subscribing are not being coerced or dumbed into giving their money over. People are motivated into giving back to the streamers as they feel they were entertained.

    You say that these streamers are promoting unhealthy lifestyle but why not add some comparison to your statement? Hard to say it’s less healthy than TV especially when you factor in the interaction in some of the streams.

    I really would suggest you try and put more research into the subjects you chose to write on and maybe attempt to write at a time when your emotions won’t take over your typing.
    You say that you are probably jealous of these streamers, which is definitely fuelling your anger. That really does not make for good writing buddy.
    If you are going for some kind of shock journalism angle then I would say you probably achieved that. If you carry that on, then you will likely just be another drop in an ocean of angry bloggers on the web, who just cry and complain about how unfair the world is on them.

  4. So after your stupid misunderstanding you try to cover it up with some stupid rant based on your jealousy?
    Seriously get a life.

  5. There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said in the other comments. This was a very poorly executed article targeting a very unworthy streamer. That said, there are many streamers out there that you could find to fit your perspective of Twitch. However, there are just as many streamers of quality and integrity to refute your claims. CohhCarnage is just one of many quality streamers who is simply doing what he enjoys: gaming and hanging out with friends–and even some charity events thrown in! Referring to the claim that this promotes an unhealthy lifestyle, that also is not necessarily true. Just because someone’s job requires them to play games for 8 hours a day does not mean that they get less exercise than someone who has an eight-hour-a-day desk job. I have even seen streamers–DansGaming–who broadcast themselves doing workouts via their consoles! Your job does not necessarily dictate your level of activity. Hell, I am a full-time Nursing student, but even though you’d think I would be more health conscious, I don’t have time to go running or get to the gym every day! There’s just too much work to be done otherwise. Another point of contention: you have an amazing love of the “Hasty Generalization” fallacy. The girl pictured is one girl of many female streamers–like myself. However, unlike her, I do not flash my “tits”, as you refer to them, just to get attention; I stream because I enjoy playing games and sharing hilarious moments with my friends. In fact, I know quite a few female streamers who are ALSO of an amazing caliber. Look up “itsHafu”, for example. One of the best at what she does without “whoring” herself. Her clothing is most often very conservative, she’s highly skilled, and she helps out her community. Please, do try to shame someone else to make you feel better about your shortcomings. I look forward to tearing down more of your arguments. In fact, I would like to point out that, as a “debater”, you should have done your research more thoroughly, your arguments are transparent, and your writing and grammar skills are atrocious. Please enjoy this constructive criticism and do try harder next time.

  6. I am an older gamer and I do enjoy twitch. Just a few points you may have missed in your short visit.

    1) Some streamers are positive and yes they do thank donators but move on quickly. I believe it would be impolite to ignore a donation.
    2) The eradication of sexism means women can act like sluts and whores without being called names.
    3) I watch a couple streamers and many people are watching the stream from their job. Yeah some desk jobs are over payed to sit and watch a stream for 8 hours (where do i sign up)
    4) A Celebrity works maybe 2-3 months out of the year for millions… many twitch streamers stream from 6-8 hours a day with 1 or 2 days off.. a rare few stream more than 8 hours a day 7 days a week.
    5) out of the 4.99 a month subscription the streamer may see $2- $3 usually 2.50 only the older more well established streamers see the $3
    6) some people pay upwards of $100 a month for cable T.V. others choose to not get cable T.V. and enjoy what the internet has to offer. So throwing $4.99 at one or two streamers is nothing in comparison and you get varied entertainment compared to reruns and MTV junk.

    I understand where some may get frustrated I would love to do this for a living myself but my personality is more well its more less lol. It is especially frustrating when you see someone rise to the top by just picking the right game but then also having the personality to hold his viewers and add to them. We all love to dig on celebs or semi celebs or whatever mini celebs but the wonderful thing about you can choose to go watch the guy with 1 viewer and not pay a cent maybe talk to him/her and make their day and (too many ands) maybe get some entertainment.

    Opinions are like buttholes they both pucker when you punch them. I may be proven wrong the next world killer may rise from the ranks but for now its free entertainment for me.

  7. Funny how everyone called the author out for not reading and then WITHOUT reading the comments half of the commenters were telling him the 15,000 was for charity. You either didnt read ir you are lonely and pathetic that you felt the need to comment to feel special. Either way the author and some commenters are morons

  8. The blogger is right, maybe not in the examples given, but for the most part – states or not – a lot of female twitchTV gamers have the camera positions to show their tits and it’s becoming increasingly annoying that twitchTV doesn’t consider these streamers as solicitors. In the city of Akron, you have to get a permit in order to panhandle at certain intersections. These streamers or “girl gamers” are doing the exact same thing – panhandling. I believe there was a streamer who said she’d remove an article of clothing for each donation milestone met based off daily total donations. At $10,000, she would’ve been down to her bra and panties….. It’s unethical, disgusting, and I personally cannot wait until laws are passed banning this “grey area” of giving incentive to “donating” to some lazy ass streamer.

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