10 Reasons why you should buy a Wii U

Should you own a Wii U? The console war between Playstation and Xbox has hit worrying new levels. Never have I known so much animosity between gamers, with people all over the internet venting their rage in whatever form they can. This is where we can have the option of either joining the fight, become a neutral or forget about these two and look in Nintendos direction. I will offer reasoning for the latter.

1. Price

The Wii U is more affordable, in fact if rumors are true about imminent price cuts then it may even be half the price of the Xbox One soon enough. In fact, in the UK the price of an Xbox One console is £429.99, where as a basic Wii U is less than £200 so it’s already at the half price point over here. With further price cuts expected it could appeal to gamers on a budget or those who want to wait for the steep prices of the PS4/XB1 to fall.

The Nintendo Skylanders SWAP Force Bundle – Nintendo Wii U is the cheapest bundle right now. Hell, it’s even cheaper than the standalone basic console. You can find it here for $239.99. Be quick!

Or if you live in the UK then check out this deal for less than £200

2. It has good games out already

The problem with a console in its first few months is the lack of games. Neither the PS4 or the Xbox One has shown anything of any worth yet, so right at this moment in time I’m going to say the Wii U is the better console. It already has titles such as  Pikmin 3, Wonderful 10, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Wind Waker HD. The list is pretty large in terms of AAA standard games on the Wii U, where as the ‘other’ consoles will have to sit and wait for anything decent to play on.

3. The 3DS made a comeback, why can’t the Wii U?

When the 3DS launched in 2011 it was considered a failure, sales were tanking and no-one seemed interested in 3D technology or handheld gaming. 2013 saw a change, with a lower price point and a decent back catalog it soared to success once again so there is no reason why the Wii U can’t emulate this. Those predicting the end for Nintendo shouldn’t write them off just yet.

4. Exclusives


Many of the games released on the Wii U are exclusives, you won’t be playing Mario, Zelda or Metroid Prime on any other console. It has been criticized for the lack of 3rd party support but it does offer a unique and different gaming experience. The lack of multi-format titles is not a bad thing, the Xbox One and PS4 are releasing similar games with only graphical differences. The Wii U was never intended to match or rival these consoles so the fuss is over nothing in my opinion.

5. Backwards compatibility

The Wii U supports backwards compatibility with the Wii, with the huge success of the Wii surely a few of you have games you still want to play on the new system and it is the only console at the moment that offers this. It also has the Virtual Console, with many classic gaming experiences to be had at a low price. Nintendo is known for their rich, gaming history and you can play all your old favorites with ease.

6. Innovative Gamepad


Whilst the Xbox One and PS4 have gone for traditional controllers the Wii U has opted for something revolutionary. The Gamepad can be used as a portable console and offers neat features such as being used to watch TV and can be used for certain apps. Their efforts must be commended and although it hasn’t taken off just yet, the potential is huge as to what you can do with a second screen.

7. No annual fee for internet services

Xbox Live was slated for charging people for going online in their favorite game but their is no such worries with the Wii U. Even Playstation has gotten in on the act and charge for a premium service nowadays. The Wii U may not have the features of the two big guns but it’s free and you can have a good time nevertheless. In an ideal world there would be no charge for online gaming at all and Nintendo offers this.

8. Great Line up for 2014


Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2,  Smash Bros U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Yeah, you get the idea. 2014 could be a big year for Nintendo and you can expect more than the games I’ve already mentioned. Mario Kart 8 is already shaping up to be a system seller and the line up of amazing games continues throughout the year. This to me shows a company that is focused on the future and not throwing in the towel just yet.

9. It’s HD

Yes, games will never look as good as the other consoles but the nature of the games Nintendo produce do not need super, High-def graphics. Graphics do not enhance gameplay, although I must admit I do love the shiny, glossy look Nintendo are punching out on the Wii U. Mario & co have never looked so good. The whole argument between PS4 and Xbox fanboys about graphical supremacy is pretty ridiculous considering a gaming PC will outdo them with ease. The Wii U is capable and looks pretty.

10. Nintendo have becomes masters at innovation

In recent years Nintendo has been single-handedly innovating games, peripherals and the way we play games. You’re buying in to much more than a console when you purchase a Nintendo console. They have more experience and are genuinely trying to better the gaming experience for us. Who knows what else they have up their sleeve? I’m on board and I can’t wait.

Sure, the Wii U isn’t without faults but there is more than enough reason to own one if you have the means. Take yourself away from the fight between Sony and Microsoft and re-discover why you got in to games in the first place, you may be pleasantly surprised.



16 thoughts on “10 Reasons why you should buy a Wii U”

    1. and you call yourself an otaku yet you dont enjoy Wii U and all its hardcore games you guys are way too hard to suffist

      1. Well, in the interest of being fair, I have no plans to get a PS4 or Xbox1 anytime soon either. None of their launch titles have caught my eye. At the moment I am content my 3DS and Vita.

  1. I’m just about over the edge on buying one. I grew up on the SNES, N64, and GameCube before branching out so I’m a Nintendo fan at the core. There’s a ton of great first-party games on it now, enough for me to personally warrant a purchase.

    1. I did too but I drifted away until recently. I recommend getting one, the games are great and have a much more laid back feel about them. It will remind you why you got in to gaming. I’m 26 and I have no shame in admitting I love the Wii U. I’m trying to shake some of the stigma surrounding Nintendo, it’s not just for kids 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I definitely want that game (my favorite Zelda) but what about the Mario and Luigi bundle. Is the only differentiating factor the game(s) and the Zelda design on the gamepad?

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