Twitch gamer raises over $15,000 for charity

So contrary to the post I published two days ago, I am singing the praises of one particular member of The man responsible for the selfless act is CohhCarnage (as he is known on there). The charity was in aid of the association, ‘a group dedicated to finding better treatments and potential cures for cancer’.

The figure smashed his own personal expectations, which was an already impressive $5,000. This should be held as example to how mediums like Twitch can be used for the greater good. Although I do not personally back the whole ‘get paid to play games’ ideology, I do support any charitable act and this should be used an example to other streamers.


This is a real message of the power a community can generate, in a time of economical uncertainty and families struggling, it’s rather heart warming that gamers can unite and put money to a worthy cause. This is not the first time a charitable act has been accomplished on Twitch, with many fundraising events taking place. This is however, the only one I’ve seen where I can’t really question the integrity of the event or the hosts intentions.

The community aspect on Twitch is something to be admired. That is if you’re a top end user with enough of a following, I still stand by my original assumption that more could be done to help the little guys out. I also stand by my original argument that some users are exploiting their audience with ‘Hall of Fame‘ recognition for those who donate the most to their own personal fund.

That being said, I have changed my mind on certain parts of the service. What CohhCarnage did along with his legions of followers was an awesome feat, kudos to the Cohhilition.



2 thoughts on “Twitch gamer raises over $15,000 for charity”

  1. It is always good to watch for abuses of the system. As ZillianOP taught the twitch community long ago to be wary of who you choose to show your generosity. Never give blindly to anyone even Organizations such as Unicef which pockets a whopping .86 cents of every dollar donated. yes .14 cents of your dollar donation goes to the cause. Only .39 cents of every dollar donated to the red cross goes to aid people the rest is pocketed. some of these figures may be outdated but before you donate make sure to check on who is getting your donation.

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