10 Reasons why you should buy a PS4

Following on from giving reasons to buy an Xbox One and the Wii U, it’s now the turn of the PS4. The Playstation 4 is the console I have to defend the least, with critics and gamers alike universally praising the machine. If you still haven’t took the plunge and bought one then here are reasons why you should do just that.

Here’s where to buy Playstation 4 consoles from £250 in the UK

Playstation 4 consoles from $200 in the US

1. Great price for what you get

Whilst the Wii U is much cheaper, the PS4 is in direct competition with the Xbox One and is at a much more affordable price. It was a great decision by Sony, which may have stolen them a few yards in the console war between themselves and Microsoft. It’s undeniable that new consoles are a lot of money to a lot of people, Sony made theirs affordable to the masses.

You can buy the PS4 here for as low as $339.99 used!

Alternatively you can buy the PS4 for £349.99 or £384.99 with upcoming mega hit Watch Dogs here if you live in the UK

2. Playstation Plus

Whilst the Xbox Live service may be the more user friendly, the free games PS+ offers more than make up for it. Paying a yearly subscription now feels justified because we are getting free games every month, not only that but they are from a variety of genres, giving us the ability to play games we wouldn’t usually try. This coupled with discounts and betas/demos make PS+ an essential service worthy of your money.

3. The future looks bright

Despite Sonys financial woes in other sectors, the Playstation is the number 1 console out there at the minute. It has a strong line up in 2014 and sales will only snowball further. Sales alone won’t make it a great console, but the more sales then the more quality games we are likely to see. If you compare the sales figures of the PS4 to sales of the Wii U then you can see which one offers you the most long term stability. The PS4 is going to be around for many, many years and is the safest option right now.

4. It has the better single player experiences

There’s no doubting this, the Playstation has a history steeped in producing good quality single player games. The Last of Us, inFamous, God of War and Yakuza to name a few, will all be making their debut on the system soon enough. You could argue a case for Nintendo here as they seemed to have not fully embraced online play but Playstation games have the variety and depth Nintendo hasn’t shown.

5. Vita Connectivity


If you own a Vita then this is the only console you’ll need. You can play through a game on the PS4 and continue the same game on the Vita when you’re out and about. Remote play also offers a second screen functionality and the Vita can also be used as a control pad. The Vita may not be to everyone’s taste but the connectivity with the PS4 is impressive.

6. 1080p and 60FPS


This probably shouldn’t be a reason to own a PS4 as it should be the standard in consoles these days, unfortunately the Xbox hasn’t been at the same level as the PS4. Multi-format titles have been proven to run at a higher resolution and at more frames per second than its nearest rival. This is something that needs addressing from Microsoft, as future titles seem to be following suit such as Metal Gear Solid 5 and Thief. You only have to look at the recently released Tomb Raider to see the graphical difference between the two.

7. Aesthetics

The PS4 looks sleek in comparison to the bulky shapeless Xbox One. You can say it doesn’t matter but with ‘George Foreman grill’ jokes aimed at the PS3 and the ridicule Xbox suffered with their first outing, some gamers do care. It may sound ridiculous but appearance matters and the PS4 looks the best out of the three and would be welcomed in to many homes.

8. Playstation Now

Playstation Now is a recently announced service that promises much. It gives you the ability to stream content without having a physical disc or to download it first. Not only that but it’s going to be possible to play Playstation games via Bravia TVs, Vita and probably a lot more sources in the future without having a console. This is certainly a good step in terms of looking towards the future, whether it will be a success is another matter, but Sony is trying to bring connectivity and accessibility to a whole new level.

9. Sometimes less is more

Actual screenshot from Yakuza 5
Actual screenshot from Yakuza – PS4

Whilst not having the functions of the Xbox One, Sony is committed to giving gamers what they want, which is games. The launch line up was disappointing but the years ahead look much more prosperous for Playstation owners. Sony understood that console gamers mainly wanted to play games, rather than adding extras that would hike up their price. Instead I expect peripherals and services on par with Xbox One in the near future, except YOU get to decide if you want them, they won’t be a requirement.

10. Their history and console life

The Playstation has been around a while, it put the final nail in the coffin for SEGA and may eventually do the same to Nintendo or Microsoft.  They have consistently outsold their rivals and despite losing the last console ‘war’ the PS4 marks a return to form.  Console life is long, with support for the previous consoles lasting a good 6 or 7 years at least. The Playstation is the gamers choice and has already been proven as the one to beat.

That concludes my arguments for each console, I have no personal preference of the three as each offer something different. Please note that these articles are largely based on opinion and I’m sure your opinion is just as valid as mine. Feel free to leave me a comment, good or bad.


13 thoughts on “10 Reasons why you should buy a PS4”

  1. If you seriously think you should buy a PS4 over it being a different shape, you’re a fucking idiot. A list from a true PlayStation fanboy. Look at the future? Man you have no games right NOW, what’s the point? No next gen console is worth owning, you retards are just trying to justify a crappy purchase that has no decent software to back it up. You made a $400-500 gamble on the Fall 2014 lineup, and so far it’s looking pretty generic.

  2. Would rather not only 4 things I like from the Far East Culture history,Food , Women , Nintendo. Everything else just not my cup of tea nor will it ever be.

  3. Good article, I agree with most of what you said. I have both systems and I prefer the Ps4, there is nothing wrong with the Xbox. I still don’t have a Vita, just not sure if it’s worth the money. Everything else about the Ps4 is great except the number of games.

  4. In direct response:

    1. No it’s not, essentially you get the same value with each console, you just get a sensor bar and voice control with the xbox so it costs an extra 100 bucks.
    2. The same features exist on XBL, and they don’t lose your credit card info and shut down for months!
    3. I doubt your ps4 will be around for those years as they have much worse reliability, so prepare to buy a few
    4. Button-mashers a good game does not make, you can keep em! I’ll have much more fun with HALO or TITANFALL.. or DEADRISING..
    5. I can connect my computer, my windows tablet, and all my media with XB1, oh and MY CABLE/SATELLITE BOX!
    6. Those games you mention LIKE THEIF are being forced into 1080p and dropping frames to the point it kills you, and causing some unnecessary and constant crashing.. While the XB1 only outputs a framesize the technology can handle at a constant framerate!
    7. I guess I got the fat game system.. lol.. Cause the games care!
    8. Playstation now is a scam to get you to repay for everything you already own, I’ll just stream the content I ALREADY OWN to my system through various means.. Or even pop a CD in and listen to music!
    9. If what the gamers wanted was the opposite of a PS3, and a blatant ripoff of windows live tiles, but done poorly, with less options, then yes, the gamers get what they want!
    10. Microsoft has dominated the game market since it’s release of the XBOX, so in the long run I’m sure it will do the same. And when it comes to reliability microsoft offered much more support especially if it was their fault like with the red ring senario, while sony did nothing for their customers with a pitiful 1 year limited waranty and no exceptions, even when they had faulty cooling. And I am still using my year one 20GB platinum XBOX (repaired for free 5 years ago) while I had 3 PS3’s brick on me, one on first boot!

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