10 Reasons to ditch your console and buy a PC

A lot of people were infuriated with my 10 reasons to buy a PS4, Xbox One and Wii U posts so I’ve decided to argue a case for the ‘Master Race’. I haven’t used the term ‘gaming PC’ in the title because this conjures up images of mis-sold, pre-built PCs from ebay which are overpriced and can’t get the job done. A lot of console gamers are unsure where to start when purchasing or building a PC but it could be a wise choice, here’s why.

1. Price

Ok, don’t get me wrong, you can spend way too much on a PC if you wanted to, but these are aimed at enthusiasts who want the very best. A capable PC won’t cost you too much, certainly in the same ball park as what the new consoles are at the minute. If you own a PC at the minute which is fairly modern you could just spend a few hundred on a graphics card and you would have a system to rival or even better the power of a console. Also, monitors are surprisingly inexpensive, take a look around and you’ll be shocked at the quality you can get on a budget. A good example of a console beater for the price is this. Check out this video of me playing Loadout, a free to play game which I’m running on my old PC (which is about 4 years old) and would only  cost a few hundred today.


2. Customization


Your PC can be as big or as small as you want. It can have LEDs in whatever color you like and it can have as much power as you want it to have. With a console you’re sold a unit which will stay the same until its eventual death, you’ll need to upgrade your PC from time to time but the choices are entirely yours. You’re in control of the look and how much you want to improve its power.

3. Cheaper games

The digital age is slowly being integrated in to consoles, with a PC its very much the ‘now’ rather than the future. This means that prices are considerably lower for games than physical console games. Even digital console games demand a high price, where as the same game on Steam would often be much, much less. I know some of you don’t want to let go of the past, where you could borrow your friend a game or be a collector, but these days are going to be a thing of the past soon enough. It’s time to embrace the future and change and make the wise choice of saving money (and space).

4. Not just a games machine

It goes without saying that a PC doesn’t just play games. The fact is that despite the consoles attempt at integrating different services, they haven’t got a patch on the versatility of a PC. All of your internet needs can be fulfilled on the PC and services are much easier to use on there too. Most applications you see on your consoles are optimized for PC anyway, plus you can do your work or whatever your heart desires on a PC. Plus, you can’t see boobs on your console (Just sayin’)

5. No forced subscription to play Online multiplayer

Where the Xbox and Playstation charge you for their service, you can get the same level of service from your PC for nothing. of course there are games where a monthly fee is needed but they are few and far between. Most games which are similar to those on a console are free to play. Meaning after you have bought the game (for a lower price) you don’t have to pay to use multiplayer. Big Win.

6. A lot of free to play games


A lot of games will cost you absolutely nothing unless you choose to pay. Games such as Planetside 2, Dota 2, Team Fortress etc are all free to play. The free to play structure is much more embraced on PC than on consoles, in fact it’s something which a lot of games offer. Sure, it’s good to support the developer by buying in game purchases but that’s entirely your choice. You can have a great experience just playing the Free to Play games on offer.

7. The life span of PC games are much longer

Console games lose support very quickly, where as PC games have a lifetime far superior. In fact, if a game still has a community you can guarantee that improvements will continue to be made. I have been frustrated with the amount of console games that have their servers closed over the years. It’s frustrating knowing that you won’t be able to play the game you love in X amount of years, with a PC the situation is much improved.

8. Variety of games and huge library

Carp fishing Simulator is one of the simulators I'm playing at the minute
Carp fishing Simulator is one of the simulators I’m playing at the minute

You can play thousands of games on a PC, compared to the few hundred in a consoles lifetime. There is also much more support for indie developers, which further boosts the already impressive library. The games vary considerably too, with simulators and MMO genres catered to. You can still find most of your favorite console games on there too. Every genre is catered to and the games are usually visually more impressive with more support.

9. Peripherals

There’s no denying that mouse and keyboard is king in terms of accuracy in games but there are many more options available. You can use a conventional game pad, joystick, retro controller, pretty much anything you can think of. If you’re like me and suck with mouse and keyboard then that shouldn’t deter you from PC gaming, have a browse round the Steam store right now and you’ll see a whole load of games that offer control pad support.

10. Your budget, your rules

A console comes with a warranty that is ruined the second you attempt to open it, this is not the case with a PC where opening and modifying you PC is allowed and championed. A graphics card featured here for the price of £90 outperforms the performance of an Xbox One, showing the value of owing a PC. You will not get banned for modifying your PC and it’s at hardly any risk, as building your own PC is easy.


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