The mentality of fanboys explained – sorted by console they support

You’re probably wondering the reasons why I have made separate posts championing each console. The truth is that it was part of an experiment to see how different sections of fanboys respond. So, if you were one of those who fell for my clickbait I thank you. I shall try to explain the mindset of each fanboy in this post by console they support. Some of you may be able to relate, whilst some of you may be infuriated at the suggestions I make. I will list each set of fanboy in order of aggression, starting with the most aggressive and vocal first.



1. Playstation fanboys

It was a close call between Playstation and PC, with both being overly negative towards the Xbox post I made. The fact that the Xbox post was viewed over six times as many as the others shows the insecurities Playstation fans have. They take to the internet in force to show solidarity and to gloat about sales numbers but secretly are worried about the Xbox. Most of them made the decision to buy a Playstation on price alone.

A lot of these fanboys are worried about the lack of games Playstation currently has, despite the fact they bragged their system up for being ‘a games machine’. They make their present felt on the internet through Xbox bashing but will happily leave Nintendo alone because they are no threat. They secretly realize that the PC is a much better option than the PS4 so do not directly attack PC fanboys. This is mainly because their 1080p and 60FPS crappy argument isn’t valid against them.

2. PC fanboys

They believe that their system of choice is high and mighty and call console players ‘peasants’. This however contradicts their own statement of PC gaming being more affordable, surely they would be the ‘peasants’ if that was true. They are elitist and probably the nerdiest of all fanboys. They are guaranteed to lack social skills and spend way too much time on their beloved PC, this making them the most unattractive of the lot and probably what makes them so angry.

They refuse to acknowledge any other system and are some of the biggest a**holes on the internet. They are unhelpful and claim to not care about what other people play, whilst secretly being sad they are missing out some console exclusives. Have a read here to see the idiocy displayed and the desperate attempts to win you over. It may look like a friendly guide but the snide remarks and the overuse of the word FACT when it it’s actually an opinion is laughable.

3, Xbox fanboys

They would probably be higher, but as their console has seen its fair share of shortcomings, they are a bit more timid than the 360 days. They fully acknowledge the fact they are losing the battle but are delusional enough to think they will win the war. They are most abusive to Playstation fans and are usually accepting of others. The abuse stems from jealousy, jealousy at the fact they are behind on sales and that their more expensive console is not capable of the same things the PS4 can do.

Halo is a sinking ship so they no longer can use that as a weapon, instead they turn to Titanfall and blindly ignore the fact it’s not actually an exclusive. If you look around then Xbox fans are now few and far between in internet wars, they have gone in to hiding because they’re losing in sales. They try and fail to justify the high price tag of their console.

4. Nintendo fanboys

Yes, they still exist. They don’t get involved with the current console war because they’re not in it. They live in the past and long for the glory days of old. The reason they keep themselves away from such internet debates is because they acknowledge the Wii U as a failure and are vastly outnumbered.

They cling on to their tired old Red mascot and clearly don’t see innovation as a good thing. They realize that the whole world is laughing at them and try their best to just get along with everyone. I wonder what they must think when the Xbox vs Playstation arguments arise over graphical superiority, they can’t exactly contribute anything meaningful can they?

5. The rest of the world

The rest of the world wonders what the hell all the fuss is about as it’s just a gaming system. They encourage fanboys to seek professional help. They wonder why everyone is so insecure in their decisions and think that fanboys should get off the internet and grow up.


Which group are you in?


29 thoughts on “The mentality of fanboys explained – sorted by console they support”

      1. Wow!, talk about pure click bait. You made no point at all and yet managed to insult everybody in the process. And you claim its all for good fun. Fun for who? you? so can laugh at all of us. Half of your generalizations are completely off. And the whole thing just comes of as moronic. All fanboys are retards/fools. So tell me smart guy, which group am i with? bet you cant tell.

  1. I also think that us PC fanboys have a perversion with options and them never being enough 😀
    I do envy the PS for having journey, shadow of the colossus and Ico.
    (At least i got Ico)

  2. I am part of a very small group that i would like to call ” I dont give a f*** about what people own.” All platforms have pros and cons, admittedly I would have to say that PC is the best overall machine due to the face you can upgrade and they can be cheap-ish. Just to let you know I own a XBONE and i plan on getting a wii-u and Ps4 and am more than likely to invest in a “gaming” PC at some point. So all you fan boys can throw your you pointless facts around but does it really make you look any better than the others. Surely its the community that should determine what you buy? Saying that the wii-u is the console to buy as the dont care what graphics they can get or what fps the games runs at they get the console for fun which is what gaming should be about… Now just sit back relax and actually play your console instead of going at each others throats 🙂

  3. Vocally supporting a system has a benefit and reason to it. Console/system wars have always had a purpose, regardless of whether they actually made any difference in the world or not.
    As primarily a Nintendo gamer (though do have a gaming rig), I still support WiiU, and have one. If Nintendo went 3rd party like ppl keep raving after the GAMECUBE, there’d be no Wii Sports, Wii fit franchise, motion controls, no Playstation plus most likely, likely no Kinect. Nintendo wouldn’t have won sales in the 7th gen and still produce the system with likely the most diversity in gaming and highest number of actual exclusives (exclusive from PC also).
    And for a console company that’s probably been way and by a far margin the most financially successful and has introduced the most innovations in console gaming, I don’t think they deserve the flak.

  4. You forgot one type my friend, the wanna be reviewers who crave for atention making petty reviews, while i am not a fanboy for any system since I play both on pc, or ps3 when my i do have the free time for it, and while i do know there are alot of idiots in any system, its idiots like the one who wrote this review that bother me the most, the ones who think they can simply categorize gamers by simply using stupid stereotypes.

    Heres my opinion about gamers, each case is a diferente case, and you cant judge 1 gamer on 1 system by the behavior the others have has even in the middle of fanboys there are alot of diferente types of people.

    Articles like yours,are the lowest of the lowest among reviewers, you should be ashamed.

    ( Sorry for my english, but its not my main language)

      1. Obviously intended to be bait, Acekaze. But it’s bait you decided to take up, and in doing so I feel you’ve revealed yourself as a Sony fanboy.

        Personally, I hate the fanboy culture, but would have to probably honestly admit that if I was a fanboy for anything, it would be Xbox. I’m seeing what both consoles are doing, though, and loving their potential.

        I do get my hackles up, though, with the *constant* attacks you see across the internet on Microsoft. This generation, they are being called a failure because PS4 edges them out on dedicated graphics (though Halo 4 proved that dedicated games can make the most of a systems hardware even late in life); and because they cost $100 more.

        The ammo the *other* fans have is far less than what was available to them last gen, but the nature of the argument seems to be so much more vicious.

        I will remain in hiding, hoping M$ will pull something out and recapture lost ground by offering cheaper Kinect-less versions and releasing some better games than Ryse. Because when that happens, the debates will become a lot more interesting.

      2. Rise above fanboy remarks. You shouldn’t really be offended by what idiots write on the internet, if I was offended I would probably be suicidal by now haha.

        Thanks for you input Lobo, you are not a fanboy, just a fan of a console.

  5. this is not about fanboys , its about sales and at the moment between the most relevant brands PS and XBOX , xbox is losing and who ever wrote this is an xbox fanboy

  6. disregard my previous comment and dont post it , delete it please
    i hate sites like this : “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    they are a trap made by biased fanboys who decided to run a site

  7. Good article, I’m glad somebody finally said this. I don’t get why people get so rabid and trash other consoles while glorifying the one they use. It isn’t like you get one penny from the success of the company. Just buy both and enjoy the best of both worlds. And stop being so obnoxious.

  8. Awesome article. However, I do disagree with the part in which you said that Halo is a sinking ship. Halo in my opinion is still one of the best first persons shooter games. I think that Halo 3 odst was a step down, and Reach didn’t reach its potential (no pun intended), however I think that Halo 4 was a fantastic game and a great revival to the series 🙂
    Aside from that, your article was very good

    1. I’m a huge Halo fan, it’s probably the game I’ve played the most in my life. Something about the multiplayer in Halo 4 didn’t sit well with me, I only played around 100 games and got bored. Halo became stale in multiplayer when they removed the ranking system.

      Thanks for the comment!

  9. Your comment is on the money for everything except the Nintendo install base. It’s not that we view the Wii U as a failure, nor are we afraid or think there’s nothing we can contribute to gaming. It’s that we’ve been playing for far longer than the Psycho SOny Cronies have & we chose to either ignore those dead beats, or we’re able to explain ourselves in such a way that they just resort to troll comments to avoid being found out that they know absolutely nothing despite speaking as though they’ve written the book on gaming so we just let the trolls starve.

    Nintendo WILL regain their crown….this is a promise & something all of us gaming veterans who’ve been playing seriously since BEFORE SOny know.

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