Over 90% of gamers do NOT own a ‘next-gen’ console

Last generation seen a total over over 260 million consoles sold across the 3 major consoles. That current figure for the ‘next-gen’ is currently sitting at just over 15 million. This means that less than 10% (closer to 5%) of gamers who owned a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 have one of the three new consoles. Of course, this doesn’t mean doom and gloom for any of the consoles considering their short life span, but it does mean that pretty much all of the market is up for grabs and we shouldn’t be too concerned by how a console is performing just yet.

What does this mean?

The current failure of the Wii has time to be reversed. Likewise, the Xbox One could pick up steam and take on the PS4 globally. With much internet flaming taking place from each camp, gamers must accept that the current hardware sales are a reflection of the battle and not the war. Those celebrating an early victory for Sony may yet be making a fool of themselves. I’m going to make a bold prediction and suggest that 2014 may yet be the year that Nintendo climbs back in to the frame, however if Mario Kart flops I shall be instantly retracting that statement.

Will current systems match sales numbers of old?

Probably not, we have a lot more choice as to what platform we choose these days. The rise of tablets and smartphones will undoubtedly severely dent console hardware sales. The decline in console hardware by numbers is illustrated on the graph below and shows a steady decline over the years.

source: vgchartz.com


Console gaming is undeniably losing a lot of market share to other gaming mediums. Surprisingly, only Microsofts Xbox One had the biggest launch in their personal console history. As the console market is shrinking the public may decide that 3 is a crowd and Nintendo looks the most frail at the minute. What would make YOU buy a next-gen console? and which side are you leaning towards?

If you need a little persuasion moving to next-gen, then check out our articles championing each one by clicking the links below.

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9 thoughts on “Over 90% of gamers do NOT own a ‘next-gen’ console”

  1. I bought a PS4 recently and kinda regret it. I still find myself back on my last generation consoles for gaming. I think a lot of people realize that there are not enough good titles out to warrant the costs of the newer consoles. The releases for the new consoles will start amping up here soon and then we will see that battle begin! 🙂

    1. I totally agree, i wish I would of waited too. I don’t play on anything really but my PC at the minute, I hope that in the next few months a game will come along that gets my attention otherwise I would of wasted a lot of money!

  2. Unless u are a hardcore gamer, there really is no reason to buy next gen yet. I’m happy with all 3 of my next gen consoles but the average gamer could easily wait till holiday season without missing anything.


    Yep, because after their release, they’re already called CURRENT GEN CONSOLES lol

  4. 260 million sales over about a decade for the 360, PS3 and Wii – but that doesn’t equate to 260 million individual owners. Many gamers will have multiple consoles.

    Then there was the RROD period when most 360 owners went through at least two consoles.

    Also, many sales, particularly the Wii ones, will not have been to gamers at all – the Wii was a lifestyle accessory for the longest time and sold shedloads of consoles that ended up back of a cupboard after a few weeks.

    If you discount multiples sales and look at active gamers it’s probably more like 20% that have actually bought, and are using, a “nextgen” console – and rising rapidly, I’d say.

    I mainly play RPGs so I’ll check in on them around 2016, unless there’s a compelling reason otherwise.

    I expect MS and Sony will have turned off or hobbled their current gen network infrastructure by then anyway, to push holdouts on to the newer machines. The increasing control they have over how you get to play your games is rather worrying.

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