Why the Xbox One justs needs one ‘system seller’ to compete with the PS4

If we look at the history of Playstation it shows us that none of its exclusives sell a system. Last generation the highest selling exclusive was Gran Turismo selling 10 million copies, whilst the next best was God of War with a mere 5 million. On the PS2 the result was similar with Gran Turismo being way ahead of any other console exclusive and I wouldn’t consider it a ‘system seller’. Gran Turismo 3 sold 15 million but if you consider the PS2 sold over 150 million consoles it proves the Playstation has never had any killer exclusives, I expect this tradition to continue.

Halo 2 was owned by over a 3rd of Xbox users

If we look at the history of the Xbox it shows us one game can indeed sell a system. Halo 2 sold 8 million copies despite having a 25 million userbase. This means that almost a 3rd of Xbox users owned Halo 2 and without Halo you could argue that the Xbox wouldn’t be around at this moment in time. Similarly Halo 3 sold 15 million, Halo 4 around 9 million and Gears of war 1 and 2 sold 5 million each. So far the Xbox One is yet to show us anything that will sell the system but one game could change all that.

mario kart
System seller?

When we look at the Wii sales last gen it’s fair to say that their system seller was Mario Kart, I’ll ignore the false sales of Wii Sports considering it was bundled with pretty much every Wii in existence. Mario Kart is yet to be released and despite the Wii U only selling 5 million consoles this far there will be 35 million people who will want to continue playing Mario Kart from last-gen. This is why I believe that Mario Kart 8 will decide the future for Nintendo.

You could argue that the Playstation has more in terms of choice and quality by looking at these figures. In terms of single player games that is probably true, but todays gamer wants online play with every big release and Sony has yet to show they can get online play right when it matters. Graphical superiority it may have but until Sony finds that one game that will blow its competition out of the water then the race for top spot is certainly still on. Over to you Microsoft.



23 thoughts on “Why the Xbox One justs needs one ‘system seller’ to compete with the PS4”

  1. Nice post. I think you have a good point. Sony has great exclusives (arguably the best stable, though I personally would argue Nintendo still has the best collection of first-party IP), but they do tend to sell a little softer than we might expect. However, I am not even sure the idea of the “system seller” is a real thing. I’m actually going to be writing something in the coming weeks about how that notion may just be a myth, at least in terms of real, long-term impact.

    1. Sony has some great exclusives but none of them particularly sell as well as the big guns from the other consoles. Their attachment rate has always been quite poor too, people buy Playstations in huge numbers but ten to buy less games too. Halo alone kept the Xbox in the game and without Mario we must wonder where Nintendo would be. Give me a shout when the post is up, I’ll have a read!

    2. I think Crysis and to some lesser extend Stalker may have been system pushers? At least made people get a new card. I’m a staff member in a forum and people did upgrade some stuff to try and run the things.

  2. A mere 5 Mio. of GOW, but a whooping 5 Mio. of GOW!

    Sure… without those 3rd/2nd Party relations, they would have been gone for looong time, Halo and GOW pretty much saved their asses, literally.

    What ever floats your thingy… meanwhile, i can be proud to have played every Sony IP of the past 20 years, none fo whch have been regurgitated, in the sense that …. IF THEY DONT RELEASE HALO! IM NOT BUY IT ~ way/expecations.

    … thanks to Sony i got to play the best of the best, with Nintendo i get my Mario/Zelda kick… what do i get with/from playing on the new VCR? Nothing…. okay, Project Gotham Racing but we know what happend to that.

    The sooner they´re out, the better (from their stupidity on hiavign a parity clausula with the 360 and now with that VCR and Indie Game… sorry, M$ is in the game because they got $$$$, not because of their pedigree).

    I still believe, once they´re gone Sega can jump back in to the market with a cheap andriod system. With some of their IP they could establish them self as the 3rd console in this industry… Microsoft is known for being a goooddd :

    >Sidewinder< Joystick Manufraturer and the OS for some peeps.

    1. I’m not saying that Sony didn’t have good titles, they just don’t have an individual system seller like Nintendo and Xbox have. By the way, all companies are in the game for money. If you believe that Sony don’t want your money then that’s a bit dumb.

  3. Xbox one will definitely sell more once exclusives start coming out, no doubt about that. The sales gap between ps4 and xb1 will also close once 360 owners make the move to xb1(not all will as some might buy ps4).

    But I agree, once a great game that is only on xb1 not pc or 360 comes out, it will definitely sell tons, Titanfall should have been the game to do it but can’t change that now. Luckily xb1 has a ton of AAA exclusives coming to it and more that aren’t announced yet, there truly isn’t anything to worry about if ur an xbox one owner.

    1. There certainly isn’t anything to be worried about. A lot of articles I do are to extinguish a lot of the hate for the Xbox. They’ll be there or thereabouts at the end of the ‘war’. I can imagine MS throwing money to secure Titanfall 2 as an exclusive

  4. ratchet and clank series and the free multiplayer was what got me into getting a ps3. i dont have much of any interest in the next gen consoles.mainly due to the current prices of most games and the consoles them selves now a days. the paywall subscription for multiplayer on a CONSOLE has to be the worst part about the new systems. i just see having to pay a subscription to play the game you had already purchased a complete rip off. i know theres going to be ppl out there that will get the systems regardless. but thats most likely going to be considered a much smaller crowd.

  5. Talk about a delusional article. Uncharted is a 7million seller. LBP is another 5m seller. GT5 sold 10 million on Ps3s user base, way to be a fanboy and discredit it claiming PS2 user base just cause it sold more on PS2 then MS biggest ip ever anywhere.

    No one game will save the failure that is the X1, it costs to damn much. In order to compete with PS4 it need to be cheaper then it. No one game will undo the pricing failure MS went with. Its getting killed 6-1 in Europe, halo will not change that.

    it needs a price cut NOW, needs to drop a kinetic and offer a console variant that costs less then the PS4. It needs games NOW, and lots of them. Ps4 has more exclusives more indies better third parties. MS is failing the X1 everywhere, luckily i own all 3 consoles. But for a single consoles owner X1 is a choice, PS4 is the one to own.

  6. Cumulative sales of PS3 exclusives far outweighs Xbox 360s.

    In any case, PS4 is at ~6 million sold by end of Feb 2014, and Xbox One is ~3.5 mil. Nearly 2:1 globally.

    PS3 started out badly too but caught up with price drops, investing in first party studios, and leveraging global non-US and UK markets. Xbox is already losing US and UK and has pretty much no chance in most of Europe and Asia.

    Xbox is going to need more than a few ‘Titanfalls’ combined with price drops to ever catch up. They may end up losing quite a lot of money just like Sony did on the PS3, even if they catch up years from now in consoles sold.

    1. I would like to see proof of that firsts statement.

      This article was about the fact that the Playstation has never had a system seller, something which cannot be denied.

      I expect the Xbox One to take North America by the end of 2014, everywhere else is pretty much a Playstation zone.

      Considering that almost 95% of console users do not own a PS4/Xbox One then early sales figures are nothing.

      1. >This article was about the fact that the Playstation has never had a system seller

        Define “system seller”. PS3 exclusives don’t sell as much individually, but people will still buy the system to play major series like Uncharted, GoW, TLOU, etc. It’s exclusives sell systems.

        I doubt Xbox will overtake PS4 in NA barring a big price drop. By the end of 2014 major multiplatform games like Destiny, Witcher 3, and Watch Dogs will have been released, and I promise they’ll all run better on PS4 for $100 less.

        >early sales figures are nothing.

        Highly disagree. PS4 is already gaining a lead in developer support, devs will be more likely to spend more time on the PS4 version, and we’re less likely to see Xbox exclusives from now on. Titanfall not on PS3/4 was a fluke that EA probably regrets at the moment.

      2. I think we shall have to agree to disagree, I’m not bashing Sony as at the minute it’s probably the best all round console. Things can change though and probably will

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