Gamer of the week – The Rabbitfoot

This weeks gamer of the week is somewhat of an enigma, choosing only to be called ‘The Rabbitfoot’. Maybe he was just born lucky? Here’s his full profile.


Name: The Rabbitfoot

Gamertag: That Rabbitfoot

Favorite Game: Call Of Duty

Best Gaming Achievement: The Rabbitfoot labels his career high moment as finishing 1st Place in a Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Video Game Festival Tournament.

Future plans: He would like to keep playing Call Of Duty competitively and win some more tournaments. He would also like to find some sponsors and become  known on the Call Of Duty Tournament scene.

Youtube: His Youtube channel is about him playing Call Of Duty and just having fun in life. In the future if his channel grows he would like to help out some other small Youtube channels and give back to the community.

You can find his Youtube channel here

If you would like to be featured here as gamer of the week then the usual rules apply. Email me at


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