How the average Xbox gamer looks according to facts

This is part of a new series where we look at the demographics of gamers and blend all these ingredients up and create the average user. Today is the turn of Xbox gamers.

So what do we know about Xbox users?

We know that the Xbox One is marketed towards the 18-34 year old male but despite this the average age is on the top end of this. It’s safe to assume the average Xbox Gamer is mid to late 30s, this being confirmed with the term ‘dad box’ which has been floating around recently.

We also know that the Xbox has the most users who spend most of their time online. Whether this be through games themselves or watching TV. So based on this assumption we can safely say that the Xbox gamer is probably the laziest and weightiest of the bunch.

We have to make assumptions if we want to create a character that represents the average Xbox gamer. We know that the average user who falls in to the 30s bracket is of a household with a relatively good income so this should be reflected in clothing. We know the late 30s age range will have greying hair, probably short and because of their laziness we can add relevant stubble and weight.

We can assume they will have a surprised look about them, possibly due to how bad their console is performing. It could also be due to the copious amounts of Red Bull they drink to keep themselves up all night gaming online. The Xbox is the place to be for FPS games so we can also be safe in saying that they are the angriest of console gamers, and this will be reflected in the facial expression.

Based on these facts and opinions I have come to the conclusion the average Xbox owner looks like this:



Attention Xbox fans! This picture was created with the Saints Row character creator and is not a mirror.



2 thoughts on “How the average Xbox gamer looks according to facts”

  1. Funny article, but I am an xbox player, and I can confirm I don’t look like that, I look like my profile picture

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