Top 5 worst gaming related tattoos

The subject of gaming tattoos is normally one filled with stories of amazing, well drawn, detailed, kick ass homages to some of gamings most pivotal moments and gaming heroes. These five are anything but what I’ve described. From the lame to the insane, here’s our choice of the worlds worst. Little may be known about the actual person behind the tattoos, but if you know any of the people in the pictures feel free to name and shame.

1. Ryan Dingle aka ‘Chinglish’


Yes, do not adjust your monitor, this really is a tattoo of a subscribe button from Twitch. I feel like there’s some kind of subliminal message here he’s trying to tell us, I can’t put my finger on it just yet though….hmm. It’s good to see the donations he asks for are being spent well.



If the person with this tattoo believes the best way to remember a loved one is to have a terrible Xbox controller stamped on them for the rest of their life then they are wrong. I had a hard time putting this  on the list considering it’s dealing with the deceased, but it’s so bad I had to. I sincerely hope that Nick is remembered for much more than an Xbox pad.


gameboy tattoo

This can’t be real can it? I have no idea what this young man was thinking or even if he was of a legal age to get a tattoo but this is terrible. This is a reason why tattoo guns should not be sold on the internet.



I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what is worse, the hair or the tattoo. This guys has ruined is head for the sake of declaring his love for a game. Could be worse I guess, it could of been Ken.



Whilst the love for Mario is admirable, the tattoo is not. Mario and Luigi look like they were drawn by a person with a hook for a hand. Not to mention those big nipples. Huge nipples.


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