Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Review – PC/360/PS3

The Speedlink Medusa NX is part of Speedlinks range of gaming headsets which cater to the multi-format game player. It is an affordable introduction to surround sound gaming and looks impressive. It is designed to provide versatility and a great experience regardless of the platform you use. The headset itself promotes a wealth of options and in theory should be the only headset you’ll ever need if you are a PC/PS3 and 360 user. Do not get confused between this and the other Medusa models, this is the top of the range real surround sound unit. Does the performance match the promise? We take a look.


The Speedlink Medusa NX is fully adjustable
The Speedlink Medusa NX is fully adjustable

The Speedlink Medusa NX looks great, it has an extremely solid build quality and is durable and rugged enough to withstand the usual pulls and knocks a headset suffers throughout its lifespan. It comes with a decoder station for connection purposes and a volume controller which all have the same rather impressive, classy theme of black with a metal, speaker looking mesh. The Medusa NX oozes quality and the build quality is of a much higher standard than what you’d expect considering its relatively low price tag. It has the ability to fold in on itself which is handy when trying to either save room or for when you’re travelling.


The decoder station looks awesome and has a huge amount of connection options
The decoder station looks awesome and has a huge amount of connection options

This is where the headset really shines, the amount of options for connectivity is far beyond most headsets on the market. It has Dolby 5.1 surround sound which can be set up using the provided using the station controller. The station controller itself has a huge amount of connection possibilities. From optical in/out to PS3 power cable as well as supporting analog output, there is an option for any audiophile. It has a whopping 4.3m thick cable, which is plenty for any gaming need you have. The headset is supplied with all the relevant cables and was easy to set up, mainly due to each one being labelled as to what they do, which was a nice touch. You have the option of connecting it to your PC regardless of whether you have an optical port or not, you simply skip the station controller and connect it as you would do normally. However, to get the most out the headset I recommend buying a sound card that supports the feature as the difference in quality is huge.



The Medusa NX is extremely comfortable and this is mainly due to how light it is, coupled with the material that lines the earpads. The material feel like velvet and is noticeably more comfortable than any other headset I’ve tried. The headset is very flexible too, it pulls and twists without strain and is a perfect fit. I tested the headset over a 6 hour session and I barely noticed it was even on my head during that time. The flexible mouth piece was a winner too, staying put where I wanted it throughout the session. Wires never became intrusive, mainly due to their length and the positioning of the volume controller. Sometimes with headsets the volume controller can weigh the wire down and niggle you whilst playing, no such problems here as the wire from the headset to the controller is long enough so it rests on the floor or on your gaming desktop. It was a joy to use and you’ll be surprised by the weight, it looks solid and heavy but the reality is much different and I was pleasantly surprised.

Technical specifications

You can control each of the 4 speakers in each of the cups by toggling the options on the volume controller
You can control each of the 4 speakers in each of the cups by toggling the options on the volume controller

Inside each ‘cup’ are four speakers, each serving a different purpose. It has a center speaker, a rear speaker, bass woofer and a front speaker. This giving you a level of immersion beyond any standard headset, I could clearly hear the difference between my standard analog headset and this beast. The Dolby 5.1 surround sound is incredible and is a great introduction to those looking to upgrade. The speakers are powerful and you’re fully in control of the sounds you hear. You can control the individual speakers I mentioned above via the volume controller, something which I’ve never experienced before and I loved it. This level of adjustability is something which separates it from its competitors and I had a lot of fun just playing around with different sound options.

In game use

When you're finished playing it folds up neatly, ready for next time.
When you’re finished playing it folds up neatly, ready for next time.

I tested the Medusa NX on a number of games spread across the 3 consoles it supports. On PC I used it on MMOs such as Planetside and The Old Republic, on 360 I used it on Halo 4 and Forza and on the PS3 I used it on Call of Duty Ghosts and Gran Turismo. There was very little difference from console to console, with the same clarity heard regardless of which game I played. This shows me that Speedlink have tried and successfully catered to all the consoles, something which must be praised. I tried the analog PC option too and whilst it wasn’t of the same quality of digital sound I heard whilst using the station, it did it’s job and ‘background fuzz’ was minimal.

As I’ve already said, the headset was comfortable during these sessions and I was particularly impressed by the surround sound feature. It certainly added a level of drama and suspense in single player experiences. From the dramatic background noises and soundtrack to the Old Republic to the engine roars of Gran Turismo, it heightened the gaming experience ten-fold. When chatting to friends the voices were much clearer and void of any buzz or static too.


The Speedlink Medusa NX offers versatility in abundance and is one of those rare occasions where a company doesn’t sacrifice on any aspect. It is thoroughly recommended to those looking to make the step up to surround sound gaming. It looks great, it’s comfortable and the amount of customization and connectivity options won’t leave you disappointed. Those who own a PC and a console would benefit the most but even if you own one of the three platforms it supports it’s still a worthy headset of choice. For the price you will not find better.

The Speedlink Medusa NX headset is currently available on Amazon in the UK for £113.31, this making it the best headset I’ve used in that price range. If you are outside of the UK then check your countries amazon or google to see the latest prices and where to buy.


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  1. Count me in, would love to win these! Got the Sony Gold Wireless for the PS4/PC but for the 360 I’ve only got some cheap GioTecks and the sound quality isn’t great on those, so would love an upgrade and from your review the Medusa NX 5.1 sounds like it’ll do just the job.

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