Speedlink Decus Gaming Mouse Review

The Speedlink Decus is a low to mid priced gaming mouse aimed at beginners and professionals alike. It features an incredible 5000dpi, 7 fully programmable buttons, corded 1.8m cable and adjustable USB polling rate as some of its features. It offers a lot of ‘bang for its buck’ but is it any good?


The Decus looks impressive
The Decus looks impressive

The mouse itself is rubber coated and is red and black with color changing LEDs. However, the mouse itself is quite large so those with smaller hands may struggle to get to grips with its bulky design.The lights are located on the left side of the mouse, on the back and near the rear on the right hand side, the effects are stunning and are fully customizable. The light effects coupled with the coloring and overall design make it very pleasing on the eye, something which would be a talking point amongst friends and family. The corded cable also looks great and matches the look and feel of the mouse.

Feel and ergonomics

The Decus feels great and fits comfortably in your hand
The Decus feels great and fits comfortably in your hand

The mouse fits like a glove and doesn’t try to bend your fingers in to awkward positions like many others I have tried. It may have a rather unconventional look and feel but it suited my grip and how I want to hold the mouse. Those who want more freedom and flexibility may want to take a look elsewhere, as this does force your hand to sit in a certain place. This for me though was the greatest part, the rubberized coating coupled with the design meant my hand was firmly locked on at all times and gave me the extra precision I need (I suck).


The lighting on the Decus is one of it's strongest features
The lighting on the Decus is one of it’s strongest features

I touched upon this before but they really do deserve there own section as the Decus provides us with a visual spectacle at our desktop. There is a total of 6 colors to choose from, the range of colors include Volcan Red, Flash Yellow, Cobalt Green, Iron Blue, Midnight Blue and Tyrian Purple. The range of colors can be switched from either of these colors and the default setting is a breathing effect with all of the colors in rotation which was extremely cool. The variety of lights was great for me as my keyboard and PC both have Red Lighting effects so having the ability to choose whatever color I liked was a great bonus. The wheel itself stays a constant blue but blends in nicely with all the colors.


The customization software is a real winner
The customization software is a real winner

It’s not only the lights that can be customized, you can also control the dpi and program buttons to your choice. There are also options for increasing mouse sensitivity and scrolling speed, in fact anything you could wish to control is controllable. There are also different profiles you can use, which is great if you play a variety of games like I do. I use a much different and more sensitive set up whilst playing FPS games to what I would when playing MMOs, luckily I can got to the Decus Mouse Driver and choose a setup, save it and create another based on my preferences for each genre. It allows me to save up to 5 profiles at a time and even though I only currently use 3, this is a great feature for future set ups I wish to use.


The USB connector and corded cable are strong and well built, perfect for prolonged use
The USB connector and corded cable are strong and well built, perfect for prolonged use

I feel the Decus lends itself more to MMO based games and games that don’t require twitch reactions. The design of mouse provides stability and grip but does sacrifice a little on freedom, which is needed in FPS games. That being said it performed well in all other genres I tested it in. Games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are perfectly suited to a mouse of this nature, considering how precise this really is. The ability to switch the dpi really helped when switching games too, with games playing noticeably different when settings are tweaked.

The Decus should really appeal to everyone, it looks amazing and is a great entry level gaming mouse but has the customization that lends itself to much higher priced models. The grip and feel may not to be to everyones liking but it was a pleasure to use for me personally. If you’re still playing with a standard mouse and you’re looking for an affordable but feature packed mouse then this is the one for you.


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