Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U European sales surprise

UPDATE: March 14th European console sales found here. Xbox One cuts in to PS4s lead.

With both consoles coming under scrutiny for sales performance in recent times, it may come as a surprise that they are virtually neck and neck for weekly sales in Europe. The Xbox One has seen a huge drop off in sales globally, and a territory Microsoft were once strong in is currently shunning them in favor of the PS4.

**UPDATE** – Xbox One now available for same price as PS4 in the UK

wii u xbox one
Sales figures for the Xbox One and Wii U show the consoles are much closer than expected. Source:

With the spotlight of poor sales firmly being fixated on the Wii U over the last year or so, it is the Xbox One which is now struggling. Both have failed to capture the imagination of the gaming public and are both being outsold by the PS4 by 3:1.

Updated graph with the inclusion of PS4, showing its European dominance
Updated graph with the inclusion of PS4, showing its European dominance.

Upcoming Titanfall for the Xbox One and Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U will look to close that gap but it seems unlikely. The Playstation has remained a favorite in Europe for some time and whilst it’s no surprise that the Xbox is trailing, it is a shock by exactly how much they’re trailing by.

What is probably most shocking is the fact that the PS3 is beating the Xbox One/Wii U consistently on a weekly basis in Europe. Here’s the graph of the PS3 vs Xbox One sales in Europe.


Europe looks to be a lost cause to both of these consoles, North America is the Xbox Ones best chance of success and the Wii U will look to boost sales in it’s home country. Is the war already over?


33 thoughts on “Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U European sales surprise”

  1. The UK price drop and free Titanfall bundle might help a bit towards the end of the month, but the long term projection looks bad.

      1. It’s not cheaper cause Origin/EA, otherwise I’m with you, already suffer through origin with BF4 so that’s where I would buy it, instead of a getting a system. If they care about closing the gap they will get that inevitable kinect free version released; that’s what I’m waiting for.

      2. I think that’s what the world is waiting for, the problem is that MS consider it an integral part of the Xbox and won’t ditch it. Until then the console is overpriced with an unnecessary add on.

    1. Titanfall isn’t going to move consoles the way MS thinks it will. The “hardcore” gamers who will buy it already have their Xbox, and even bundling it for free isn’t going to do much. They MIGHT get an extra 150,000 consoles out the door, worldwide…but Sony is doing that already, without a major title release or discounts.

      I also predict that despite the hype, Titanfall is going to get pretty mediocre reviews once it is actually released. 6v6 multiplayer? What is this? 1990?

  2. So Europe is a lost cause for Microsoft 3 months into the new generation? I don’t believe that at all. Microsoft has a lot of money and resources. They already cut the price to be more competitive over in EU and exclusives should help as well.

    I also wouldn’t take VGChartz as a reliable source of information since they have no legit way to get numbers.

    1. I’m not saying that it can’t regain some kind of market share, Europe has always been more pro-Sony than the US though and this generation things have gone worse. A price cut and decent exclusives may sort it out.

      1. You said Europe was a lost cause to the Xbox One and Wii U… make your mind up. Not to mention that it’s way to early to judge this but then you must need the clicks and I fell for it.

    2. Yeah, MARKETING will make up for the console being overpriced, the worthless Kinect, and the machine just being underpowered in general! All they need is a good ad campaign, right? /s

  3. If these figures are accurate, and at the moment there is no way to verify this, it makes poor reading for Microsoft.

    Based on these figures, here we are three months in to the next generation of games console and the Xbox one is barely holding its own against the console that is 14 months old.

    Is this really a sign that Microsoft has missed the mark with its focus on entertainment rather than gaming, where Sony has made it clear from the get go that their console is purely focused on the gamer.

    If the perception is that the Xbox one is for the “family”, which has been the marketing push by Microsoft then perhaps this is why the sales haven’t materialised. “Families” are not early adopters whereas hard-core gamers are, and if the message (perhaps unintentionally so) is that the “Xbox is not for you gamers” then they are early sales figures are likely to be low.

    The recent price drop within Europe is a clear indication that even Microsoft thinks they are doing something wrong, and are trying to claw back sales through price. Only time will tell whether this strategy is a good one.

    1. It’s also losing against the PS3 which is probably more worrying. Both are struggling but I really didn’t expect Europe to be anything but a Sony zone. North America is where the Xbox will gain ground, I expect them to be top in 2014 but time will tell.

      The Xbox was originally aimed at dads, I wrote an article recently that showed a number of sources where management had labelled it the ‘dadbox’. Now, the Xbox doesn’t really know its own audience or how to attract people.

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. If you look at the charts though, the Xbox One is still outsold by the PS4 in North America, 2:1 in January, according to NPD data (and extrapolation from other sources).

  4. Don’t forget that unlike the PS4, the XBobe isn’t available in all european territories.
    People will just buy the PS4 and when the XBone arrives, well, most people won’t need to have two next gen consoles.

    1. I think a lot of it comes down to pricing too, the consoles were pretty expensive at launch and the PS4 was the more affordable. Not everyone has the extra $100 or £100. A lot of console players are teens and it’s already expensive enough

  5. micorosft has not the ability to learn from it’s mistakes ,Until it is on the death bed . Look at windows products they are failing on every front , Once microsoft learns it is the customers who tell you what they want , Not the company telling the customers what they are going to buy . Things may start to turn around if not to late to reach the surface before they drown .

  6. They really messed up with the Xbox One. Microsoft made several mistakes when they announced and released the Xbone. The Kinect, raising the price by a hundred bucks, was probably the biggest one.

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