Speedlink Kudos RS gaming mouse review

This is Speedlinks top end gaming mouse, aimed at the enthusiast or those looking for a serious, high grade mouse. It is notably different from the Decus I reviewed, both in shape, feel and performance. The biggest difference you will notice straight away is the ability to add weights to the mouse. Is it worth the step up in price compared to it’s more affordable brother?



Whilst not wowing with the same level of eye candy the Decus does, the more conventional looking Kudos is a more classic and traditional shape and design. A noticeable change is the lack of corded cable, although it does make up for this by providing a Gold plated USB connector. Overall the Kudos RS looks pleasing, it’s like the more elegant, wiser older brother of the Speedlink gaming mouse family. The red and black seems to be a signature of Speedlink and they really work well together.

Feel and Ergonomics


This is an area where the Kudos RS pulls ahead of the field. The rubberized grips are extremely well made and are ‘grippy’ enough to hold your hand firmly in place. That being said, you have the option to hold the mouse in whatever playing position you desire.  We all have a different way of holding a mouse and this mouse lets you explore different playing styles and positions which is a big selling point for a lot of people. The great thing about the Kudos is that the buttons are nicely placed and it’s not unnatural reaching around for one of its seven on-mouse buttons. Included are six weights, which when inserted change the feel of the mouse dramatically and are added via a compartment at the bottom near the rear. The ability to customize the mouse in this way means that every user will find a playable way of holding the mouse, an area in which a lot of mice struggle in. The 4 way



There are only 5 LEDs on the Kudos RS, all placed in a row on the left-mid side of the mouse. Whilst they may not be as dazzling as the Decus, they actually serve a function. There are 4 Blue LEDs which correspond to the level of dpi you have selected. The default settings mean that one light lit means the dpi is low, this progresses all the way up to four lights, meaning you’re using the highest setting of dpi which is 5700. These are all fully customizable though, meaning they should be more of an indication to what profile you are using. This was an extremely cool feature and after using it you’ll never want to go back to a conventional mouse. The 5th LED that I haven’t touched upon yet is the profile you are using. The Kudos RS software allows you to use up to 5 profiles, once saved you can choose a color from up to 27! The level of LED customization is excellent and something I cannot fault.



I’ve already talked about how you can play around with the LED settings but the ability to modify settings doesn’t end there. After installing the software included on the disc you are greeted with a wealth of options. The coolest of these for me was the macro settings, allowing you to record mouse movements with ease and actually save them on to the mouse. This is a huge selling point and a good enough reason as any to make the switch to this mouse. The number of macros you can save depends on the length but having on board memory inside the mouse is a neat touch.


The five profiles you can use to program the buttons are enough for any gaming needs, they are easy to switch from too by simply pressing the M button located in the center right of the mouse. You can also control the dpi through the software as I mentioned above, the cool thing being that there is also a button on the mouse for that too. Clicking the dpi button means you can change the sensitivity and precision in an instant, this is particularly handy whilst playing online and speed is of the essence. Overall, the level of customization should earn your respect. Speedlink have done a great job integrating all these features and the time and effort they have put in shows. The weights included are huge bonus too, although I do believe they could of been spread out more. This is because all the weights make the mouse quite rear heavy, still for those who like a certain weight of mouse this does the job adequately.

Technical specifications

Gold plated USB connector
Gold plated USB connector

The Kudos RS is impressive technically. Some of the key points are as follows:

  • USB ultrapolling rate of up to 1000mhz
  • 150 ips (inches per second) tracking speed for lag-free movement sensing
  • Internal memory
  • 1.8M cable with gold plated USB connector
  • Six weights weighing 6g each
  • Sensor dpi is separately adjustable for X and Y axis
  • dpi up to 5700

In game use

The weights provide further tailoring to your preferences

The Kudos RS is a pleasure to use. It offers the level of performance you expect from a mouse with a much higher price tag. It performed notably well in FPS games and finds a happy home in all genres. The customization really adds to the experience and those who want more control over the output of their mouse should definitely consider it. The dpi and profile buttons on the mouse allow quick change of sensitivity and button layout, this meaning no more going in to the software mid-game to adjust settings. This comes in handy for instance when playing an FPS game and switching classes, a click of a button and you have a steadier aim when sniping, click again and you have more freedom and speed whilst not sacrificing on precision. The grip was notable, I never once lost grip and didn’t suffer usual cramps I have with other mice I use.


Speedlinks Kudos RS is probably one of the best gaming mice I have ever used. From the amount of options available, to the level you can customize to your own liking, it has it all. Don’t be fooled by more fancy looking mice out there, this one doesn’t sacrifice on any aspect. I would of liked a corded cable and perhaps the lighting from the Decus but these are additions that wouldn’t affect the performance. It represents great value for money for those seeking more than what the average mouse gives you, this is the real deal.


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