Xbox One now same price as PS4 in the UK online in Maplin

UK retailer Maplin has slashed the price of the Xbox One to make it the same price as the PS4. This making it the first retailer to do so. The price cut was anticipated by many but Maplin in the UK are the first to make it price competitive with the PS4. It has slashed the price by £80 and now retails at £349.99, the exact price same as the PS4 retails for.

It seems reasonable to suggest that this price cut will spread, considering Gamestop in the UK currently have the Xbox One bundle with Titanfall for £369.97. This is probably a better deal than the Maplin one considering that Titanfall will be at least £39.99 when released.

This is a much needed move for Xbox fans and with Titanfall around the corner it may finally push those waiting for a price fall to take the plunge and buy an Xbox One. One of the biggest issues the Xbox One faced was the price in comparison to the cheaper and more powerful PS4. This deal is certainly a step in the right direction for Microsoft considering their sales woes of recent times.


The deal can be found here. It will be interesting to see how much sales improve in the UK or if other retailers will follow suit.


9 thoughts on “Xbox One now same price as PS4 in the UK online in Maplin”

  1. Wow if I lived in UK and this deal was here at release, I would have no doubt bought and xbox one first and a PS4 later. Shame this deal isn’t in the USA right now, but Gamestop let’s you trade in your PS4 for $395 if you put it towards an Xbox one, now that is a deal I might do especially since Titanfall releases this Tuessay, that or I might just save my pS4 and buy an Xbox one flat out.

    1. It will be good for you if this deal spreads. If one retailer does it then usually others will do the same. The problem is that in North America the Xbox One is selling OK.

      Hope it comes down soon for you over there!

  2. I’m really surprised to see Maplin doing this as they aren’t know for their competitive pricing and usually charge more for their products. This actually looks like a good deal but I still can’t see myself buying one.

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