Speedlink Ledos Gaming Mouse Review – PC

The Speedlink Ledos is the lower priced gaming mouse in Speedlinks line of mice. Quite how much it sacrifices in terms of performance compared to its bigger brothers the Decus and Kudos RS will be my aim in finding out in this review. At first glance it does look very similar to the too, with the red and black coloration it goes nicely with the other mice in their range and also looks like a good companion to their brilliant keyboards.



The Ledos doesn’t quite have the same visual impact as the Decus but compared to other mice in its price range it does look impressive. The two tone of red and black is something Speedlink have really gone with across all their products and I like the contrast on all their models, including the Ledos. The Ledos varies slightly in that it has a layer of white underneath. Not a huge difference but the whole color scheme is impressive. The Ledos also boasts a 1.8m corded cable, which is unusual for a mouse of this price range. The cord looks awesome and matches the colors of the mouse itself.



The mouse feels particularly heavy, with no way of adjusting the weight this is something which must be taken in to consideration if you’re considering a purchase. That being said, it does feel very well built and solid and I don’t expect my Ledos to break anytime soon. The build quality is fantastic like all Speedlink products, its something which I can praise among all of their products. The mouse is rather basic but it does everything it does offer very well. It has a traditional shape which outperforms a standard mouse by the fact the rubber coating and overall shape allow excellent grip. Not once in the many hours of testing did I find myself struggling for grip, which was a bonus.



The lighting effects are not customizable, although they are quite nice. The bottom section of the mouse glows red in a breathing effect which is a nice touch. The lighting doesn’t seem to shine through in the holes you would expect though. With the Kudos RS and the Decus the lighting is isolated and comes out from where you would expect it too. The Ledos lighting isn’t very neat, in fact the whole mouse glows except certain black spots where the internal components are, meaning the whole effect is pretty much ruined and this was a disappointment.

Technical specifications

The Ledos comes with 3000dpi by default, 5 buttons and a dpi switch. This may not sound like a lot but there are two buttons I particularly like which are absent from other mice. One being the sniper button, which allows stability and aids in zooming by reducing the dpi to 500, thus allowing precision fast and when you need it. The other button I like is the rapid fire button, located on the opposite side to the sniper feature. These two buttons alone were probably the biggest draw in the Ledos for me, with both of them real game changers. The 1.8m cable is long enough and has a real quality build which matches the USB connector which is secure and strong, a theme that the Ledos has throughout the whole unit.

In game use

Like I mentioned above the Ledos is less complicated than some mice but this really helped me. Those who play FPS games will be seriously impressed by the sniper and rapid fire features. I played Call of Duty Ghosts and it made my game notably better, it also had a similar effect in Battlefield 4. The Ledos is extremely easy to pick up and play, there isn’t much in the way of customization though but it offers much more than a conventional mouse and has a very low price tag.

Whilst playing Call of Duty I felt like I had much more stability and control with my shots, particularly at long range. I could sit back and snipe and at the click of a button have the control I desired. The whole ‘one size fits all’ model may not sit well with more veteran gamers though but for those who are looking for a simple introduction to gaming mice then this a perfect choice because of its ease of use.


It’s not as good as the Decus or Kudos RS but what it does well is deliver a solid performance at a fraction of the price. The Ledos is well built with basic features which surprisingly add to your game more than what you’d expect. For the price you would be hard pushed to find anything comparable but those who want more customization may wish to look elsewhere. If I was judging on price alone then this would get full marks but I can’t ignore the amount of features you’d be missing out on for a bit more with the Decus.

The Ledos will suit those who are on a budget or are looking for their first introduction to gaming mice. It won’t disappoint those who are looking for a secondary mouse either and I would consider purchasing one for its performance in FPS games alone if that’s what you’re in to.

The Speedlink Ledos is available on Amazon UK for £17.99 here

For a full list of Speedlink products please go here


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