Speedlink Virtuis Gaming Keyboard Review – PC

The Speedlink Virtuis is Speedlinks top end keyboard. It’s probably on par with the Kudos RS in terms of style and features and the two would make a lovely combination if put together. It looks great but does the performance match its style?



As I mentioned above the Speedlink Virtuis is probably the best looking keyboard I’ve seen. It has a shape similar to the Batman sign in shape, it truly is stunning visually. The lighting is cool too, with strips at the bottom which are red in color, the whole effect is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s the shape which is the most impressive, its unusual and one of the coolest designs I have seen in a gaming keyboard. Top marks for looks in my eyes.



The unit is lightweight but well built. The keys are soft too touch and don’t make any noticeable noise when pressed, which means no more annoying people in the room with clunky keys and loud strokes. The keyboard does lack the rubber feel of the Parthica but does feel surprisingly strong despite its unusual appearance. The extra buttons are positioned to the left hand side and are easy to reach and are clearly labelled and have a silver coloring to help you differentiate between them easily.



The lighting is not customizable like the Parthica, although the red lighting is a great effect anyway and can be customized to be dimmer and have the breathing effect which seems to be constant among all Speedlink products. The lighting can be changed depending on your mood or the mood of the game via the keyboards software, which is very similar software to the Parthica with the loss of color changing.



This again is where the Virtuis excels. The biggest difference between the Parthica and Virtuis for me is the fact this keyboard has on board memory to the sum of 128kb. There is the ability to save up to 5 profiles and record macros, which can then be saved on to the on board memory which is great for those who travel. The macro editor is both powerful and easy to use, giving you full control of any scripts you desire.

It has the ability to program buttons to whatever layout you wish and save these on seperate profiles. These can be easily switched by pressing the P1,P2 and P3 keys on the keyboard which are located near the top on the left hand side. You can also easily record macros by pressing the record button, which is a great feature because of how easy it is to use and would really suit gaming professionals. Also customizable is the USB polling rate which is accessed via the included software and the rate can be changed from 125hz to 1000hz which increases response time and is an awesome feature.

In game use


The Virtuis gaming keyboard is a pleasure to use. From its incredible look to its range of customization to the ease of use. This really is the all rounder you have dreamed of. The macro feature was great when used in RPGs and MMOs and can all but deplete the ‘grind’ typically associated with them if configured correctly. The main advantage the Virtuis has is the fact that you can program it and not worry about messing about with the settings in game to get the most out of your keyboard.

The quiet keys were something which really appealed to me, considering I have a child who is usually sleeping and is sometimes woke by me being a bit too heavy on the keys. Another feature you’ll be impressed with is the ant-ghosting feature, meaning that pressing multiple keys at the same time doesn’t cause confusion. Unlike many keyboards which offer anti-ghosting the Virtuis seems to take all the keys in to consideration, rather than just a particular set.


The Virtuis is equally suited to the professional gamer and the novice alike. It performs brilliantly but is very similar to the Parthica apart from a few features so doesn’t particularly warrant the higher price tag. The ability to save macros with the on-board memory is a hit but I wish there was an ability to change the colors up and it could of done with being rubberized in the same way as the Parthica.

The Virtuis is an excellent keyboard overall, it looks amazing and plays amazing. I recommend the Virtuis for serious gamers looking to step up in to the world of hardcore game play. It’s learning curve is relatively mild and has all of the features you could ever want.

Amazon UK currently sell the Speedlink Virtuis for £49.99 which can be found here

For a full list of Speedlink products please go here


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