European Console sales update – PS4 plunges


We reported a while back that the PS4 had been outselling the Xbox at a rate of over 3:1 in Europe, this gap has been decreased to nearly 2:1 . This is despite the fact that the Xbox One has been delayed until Q3 in major European countries, which is certainly good news for Xbox One fans.

As you can see, the only console that is showing growth is the Xbox One. This may be the Titanfall effect but Infamous is released soon too and PS4 sales are falling dramatically. The Xbox One is now distancing itself from the Wii U despite the recent release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

The recently released Titanfall will undoubtedly be a hit in the UK, with plenty of marketing and with the territory being known for its love of FPS games. This being confirmed as Titanfall has leaped in to pole position in pre-order charts in the UK and currently sits at number 1 in the Amazon UK charts despite the supposedly ‘huge’ gap between the two systems sales. The gap is inevitably going to get much closer in the coming weeks and by the time the Xbox One is released in all of Europe then the stories of ‘certain failure’ could cease.

The initial gap that the PS4 has claimed is a big one but not one which can’t be caught. With recent news of price cuts for the Xbox One the race for top console is heating up and is going to be a much closer run race than first expected.


32 thoughts on “European Console sales update – PS4 plunges”

  1. Supply constraints + vgcharts usual PS4 undertracking.

    PS4 will outsell Xbox globally in March 2014, although it won’t be as great a margin due to Titanfall. After March expect Xbox sales to drop back down until possibly E3.

    Remember every major multiplatform game that runs better on PS4 is another good reason to buy it over the competition.

    1. Ps4 is available in many retail stores and online at amazon. And no every multi platform game does,not run better on ps4. Such obvious fanboyism from you and it’s pathetic.

      1. What multiplatform title runs better on xbone? Thief? Both versions are garbage. Every other game runs better on ps4. Case opened, case closed.

      2. Almost every single multiplatform game looks better on PS4. That’s a fact. That’s why almost every multiplatform game is selling better on PS4 than Xbone.

        Argue all you want about opinions and gameplay, but it’s a pure fact that the PS4 is a more powerful system.

    2. Just want to say that higher resolution doesn’t mean it runs better. Thief is a perfect example of this. Also, if a multiplatform game has online there is no question which online service is better. Sony needs to release games, they’ve done great using scare tactics and hype, but eventually people who bought the console will want more than indie games and free-2-play ports.

  2. After the 8 minute gameplay preview I’d say Infamous is gonna sell better than it would have.

    And that’s just a flawwed argument about the countries. X1 sales will increase but not by much. It’s realeased in all the countries that matter in the grand scheme of things.

    And while you might say the X1 is not in the x amount of countries, I can say the PS4’s demand has not been met yet. While X1 demand has been met since the first week it launched.

    1. Come one now, we have to be positive about the Xbox One, signs are that things are changing. Don’t hate, I love my PS4 too.

      You can’t honestly say countries like Russia, Holland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries are not big countries.

      1. What a hopeful cheery, delusionary you are (yes i just made that word up), good luck on your wishful thinking. We’ll see next month.

    2. That’s fanboy logic champ. If you want a ps4 you can easily get one this minute. It’s obvious you are a so y fanboy as your bias is see through.

      The 8 minute demo of Infamous has turned just as many people away, no dynamic shadow, no dynamic day/night cycle, generic powers, repetitive gameplay, cliche missions, emo teenage lead, frame drops, blurry textures, and more… Read the ps4 reddits, comment sections, YouTube vids, tons of people disappointed, me included.

      1. Actually, PS4’s just came back in stock on Amazon yesterday… It didn’t instantly sell out though. However it did instantly jump back up to #1 on their best seller list 😉

      2. You’re the only one who’s a fanboy. PS4 goes in and out of stock at Amazon; when it’s in stock, it’s number 1 in sales ranking. All the local Best Buy and Gamestop stores in my area are out of stock.

        So yes, PS4 is still supply contrained in many areas, especially Europe. No, it doesn’t mean that it’s “impossible” for most people to get one if they knew how or where to hunt for it. It means that many people haven’t gotten one yet because they couldn’t find it at their local shops.

        Again, you’re the only one who’s a fanboy here. Claiming that Infamous is turning people off because of “blurry textures” and an “emo teenage lead.” That’s sheer idiocy. Titanfall 792p Edition on Xbone looks far worse, with terrible jaggies and much blurrier textures. Does that mean Titanfall turned everyone off too?

  3. Lol. Is this article a joke?! The Xbox one has gone from doing a third as bad to only being half as bad…. Great.

    Meanwhile, the supply constraints from the Japan launch are the true culprit…

      1. Sony Pony… you sound so mature. What a great insult.

        Are you going to have a panic attack when Microsoft sells the Xbox division to Amazon?

  4. Funny that outselling your competition more than 2:1 is somehow cause for concern. Get lives folks. This is similar to how Microsoft claimed a “win” in December console sales when the ps4 was out of stock everywhere. Good luck with that.

  5. It would certainly help PS4 if Sony stopped selling their few PS4 consoles to retailers who are selling the console 15% above RRP.

  6. Since when outselling the Xbox at a rate of nearly 2:1 is GOOD news?? 2:1??? You realize that even with the momentum of Titanfall Xbox can’t keep up with the PS4. I’m not saying that as a PS4 fanboy. I don’t even have one. I wait for a real good game to jump in. I don’t even exclude XB1. I just can’t afford both so I’m closer to PS4. For my reasons.

  7. lmao vgchartz. They always overtrack the Xbone.

    Got a grip, Xbots, the Shitbox Done is dead outside the US.

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