Playstation fans take to the internet to scupper Titanfall review scores

The release of Titanfall hasn’t pleased Playstation users. They started by attacking metacritic scores and have now find their way on to Amazon in an attempt to put off potential buyers. Metacritic was always going to take a battering, with Call of Duty usually on the receiving end of unjust, fake reviews but nobody wants to give Xbox One their day in the spotlight.

How do we know it is Sony fanboys at work?

We must look at the PC version of the game to see any genuine reviews as the PC version will not be trolled by Playstation fans. The PC version on currently has 53 reviews with only three of them giving 1 star out of a possible 5. One of these reviews is actually a guy complaining that the 1 star review he gave has been taken down on the Xbox One review section, such is desperation to get at Microsoft. If we compare this to the Xbox One version on Amazon then we see that out of 317 reviews there are 56 one star reviews given, many by non-verified accounts. The situation is similar in the UK, with currently no 1 star reviews for the PC version and 7 out of 29 one star reviews on the Xbox One.

The controversy doesn’t end there, with forums being lit up with accusations of Amazon removing 1 star reviews to somehow benefit Microsoft. A conspiracy that surely only the wildest and most imaginative fanboy could ever think up. The widespread hate for Microsoft and the Xbox One has reared its ugly head once again, when it should be a celebration of a big release and great review scores.

The hatred was already apparent on Metacritic, which allows all types of trolling. The problem with sites like these is that anybody can sign up without verifying they own the game and can obviously create multiple accounts to bring down scores. If you are one of the people doing this then I seriously suggest getting a hobby or go back to playing the console you love. Leave the world decide what to buy by themselves.

This is going to be a constant cycle of illegitimately trashing game scores to try and divert the public from buying from a different console. We should realize that we are all playing for the same team, will gamers ever unite?


4 thoughts on “Playstation fans take to the internet to scupper Titanfall review scores”

  1. yes let’s spend all our time fighting each other rather than unite and focus on more important things like the problem of generic AAA made to try and satisfy some “every man” that doesn’t exist.

  2. Why would i try and undermine a game if it’s good, instead of express interest in getting it? It’s just so sooo stupid.

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