Titanfall sales – The console war continues

It’s fair to say that Titanfall has been the most hyped and talked about game in recent memory. However, the gaming public seem to have an unhealthy obsession with numbers and sales and so far they have yet to be released. I would assume that if the sales numbers would of been significant then we would of received an announcement by now. If Titanfall does manage to someone ‘flop’ this will be unceremoniously celebrated amongst PS4 fanboys, who already took to metacritic to try and derail the Titanfall juggernaut by giving fake reviews. This will undoubtedly lead to a retaliation when Infamous: Second Son releases shortly.

With the Xbox One being more price competitive it is likely that Titanfall could indeed be the system seller that Microsoft hoped it would be. Saying that, beyond Titanfall the future exclusives for Xbox One look quite thin so a lot of pressure and hope is riding on the success of Titanfall. The fact remains that sales figures are only relevant to those looking for ammunition in the console war and the increasing amount of people who are looking for the failure of Microsoft and the Xbox brand, despite the fact that competition is greatly needed with the current demise of Nintendo.

Recent articles have shown that the Xbox One has sold a million units based on Titanfall alone. This is wild speculation and is a concerning sign that the gaming public and journalists are grasping at straws when trying to determine whether or not Titanfall has been a success. The 1 million figure was based on an ‘insider’ who posted a ‘guestimate’ on popular forum NeoGAF and the story has since spread like wildfire, showing the desperation of gamers looking for actual sales numbers.

Titanfall itself is a great game, who really cares about the sales numbers? More should be said on how it pushes the boundaries of multiplayer gaming and has undoubtedly added something new to the stale FPS scene. The Xbox One will survive regardless of whether or not it’s successful and it’s certainly got Sony fanboys worried, this should be a triumph to Xbox fans. Whether or not the game will have the ‘Halo effect‘ is still to be seen but early indications are good.

It would benefit the gaming world if sales figures were never released, not only does it cause unwanted feuds online but it would take away some of the fear when purchasing a new console. Part of the whole console war is based on those who look to justify their purchase and those who are scared they made the wrong choice. It’s become tribal and is more like supporting your favorite football team, one can only imagine the conflict that would arise if both sets of fans where put in large stadiums like sports fans are. This is both sad and depressing, if you’re so happy with the system you own then go play it, rather than trying to dampen enthusiasm for rival consoles and games.


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