7 Spectacular Xbox One sales facts

Feeling glum about the poor sales of the Xbox One? Feel like you’ve made the wrong decision? Well STOP right there and look at some of these amazing facts about the Xbox One. If these don’t cheer you up then nothing will.

1. If you combine the total weight of all Xbox Ones sold you would have approximately 52,000 average weight donkeys. That’s a lot of average weight donkeys.


2. The combined sales of the Xbox One means it has sold more units than there are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Actually it’s slightly less, but who cares!


3. Xbox One has sold more than the SEGA CD and NeoGeo combined. In your face retro fans!


4. If we lined up all the Xbox One units sold in a big line then it would be the bigger than over 8 million average* sized sausages in a row. *Source: sausagemaker.com

A competitor with sausages on his cap, drinks during Europe's biggest sausage festival in Bekescsaba, 240 km (149 miles) southeast of Budapest

5. The weight of all Xbox Ones sold is the equivalent of 116476000 average human turds based on an average human turd weighing 0.27lbs.


6. The Xbox One has sold more than 3700 times the population of Rusty spotted cats and over 9 times the population of the Grey Gibbon.


7. If you stacked the entire physical library of games the Xbox One has to offer it would be the bigger than one leg of a midget.



7 thoughts on “7 Spectacular Xbox One sales facts”

  1. I find the comparison of Xbones to mountains of shit more valid than anything in “10 reasons why the Xbox One will dominate the US this year”.

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