Titanfall vs inFamous review scores

This unlikely battle is drawing to a close and it seems that it will be Titanfall which is will be the critics choice according to metacritic. This is a surprising turn of events considering their respective genres, with FPS games usually being underscored and under-appreciated by top gaming critics.

Titanfall currently stands on an average score of 86/100 for the Xbox One and 88/100 for PC. Quite what the PC version had that the One version didn’t I guess we shall never know.

Review scores for inFamous are flooding in and it currently stands on 81/100, not a bad score by any means but not they of score Playstation fans were expecting or hoping for.

Titanfall currently has 57 positive reviews, 2 mixed and 0 negative reviews to its name. inFamous on the other hand has 46 positive, 14 mixed and 0 negative. Titanfall may have won the battle, scoring a massive plus for Xbox One fans but whether or not it can win the war for Microsoft is up in the air.

Are either of the games the system sellers we were told they would be?


One thought on “Titanfall vs inFamous review scores”

  1. The system seller for me was not wanting a Kinect unit and I didn’t react kindly to Microsoft making it compulsory. As for games themselves I think it’ll all even out, 360 and PS3 both have great libraries, there’s no reason why it won’t be the same this generation too.

    As for Metacritic scores, pretty meaningless even as a general guideline, some of my favourite games from last gen didn’t even scrape a 70 average. I think they’re only used to calculate developer bonuses and for marketing to cherry pick the best scores to use in advertising.

    I did find it interesting that the PS4 currently has 26 games rated 75 or higher compared to XBox One’s 14, but it’s early days, plenty of time for that gap to get even wider 😉

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