Things fanboys say – Xbox vs PS4

Whilst the sane owners of each console happily play games on their chosen console there continues to be wave after wave of internet warriors hell bent on bringing the rival system down. I’m going to analyse each argument I’ve seen for either side and see if any of the points made are actually valid.

Things PS4 owners say

Sony Pony
Sony Pony

We have the superior technology and more powerful console!

This is true, although whether or not it reaches full potential is another question. History has taught us that the most powerful console doesn’t win the sales war and graphical prowess and bragging rights should really be an argument exclusive to PC owners.

Less money and more power!

No arguments here, the lower price point is a huge factor in the Playstations early lead.

Better exclusives!

The PS4 exclusives are currently extremely thin and making assumptions that future releases will promise victory is naive and outrageous. Killzone was an average game and recently released inFamous: Second Son has come in with mixed reviews. The end of 2014 is the earliest this argument can be used.

The PS4 would be selling even more if it wasn’t for limited supply!

Generally this is a false statement, I assume Sony is using this as a marketing technique to make potential buyers rush buy. Supply is easy to find in the UK and I’m pretty sure if you were desperate to get your mits on one then you would. I must admire Sony for limiting supply and feeding the public slowly, top class marketing skills.

But we have the VR headset!

Currently you do not have this and reports of it being ‘affordable’ are speculative and depends on what you consider affordable. To me paying an extra £250 to look like Robocop is a bit steep. There’s no denying it certainly looks cool, we can’t for sure say whether this is the future though. It could just be another failed gimmick with optional support which never gets any support at all.

Multiplatforms look soo much better on the PS4!

The difference is actually barely noticeable. Resolution doesn’t particularly matter until you get to 50 inch plus TVs. I would argue that Multiplatforms look much better on the PC, plus the ones released so far have been garbage and unworthy of fighting over.


Things Xbox One owners say 


Titanfall and Halo SUCKERS!

There seems to be a string of Xbox One fanboys who still believe Titanfall is an Xbox exclusive. I have seen many arguments that list Titanfall as a reason to buy an Xbox One which is a uneducated, delusional statement. Halo may well be the system seller if it returns to former glory, but without Bungie I won’t be expecting much.

The Xbox One is more than a console!

I guess it is but the added extras like Kinect were forced upon Xbox One owners. The failures of Kinect from the 360 era should of taught Microsoft that Kinect was generally an unwanted, optional peripheral. You can pretend that Kinect is the best thing ever all you like, we all know it sucks and the games that support it are horrendous.

We pay more because we get more!

Pretty much the same point as above. Xbox One owners were forced to have ‘extras’ they didn’t want and these crappy add-ons actually raised the price of the console whilst sacrificing on raw power.

Sales don’t matter!

This is true to a certain degree, if the console has consistent sales and is relatively comparable then developers will still want their game on the Xbox One. Nintendo has been shunned by 3rd party developers largely due to lack of sales, I can’t see Microsoft suffering the same fate but higher console sales mean more effort in multiplatform games and more developers interested. 7 Xbox One sales facts can be found here for those who are not easily offended.

The Xbox One is only released in 13 countries, that’s why it’s behind!

Come on now, Microsoft has pushed the Xbox One in countries that are relevant and have been a success in the past. Whilst the gap would undoubtedly be smaller than what it is now it’s unlikely that Microsoft would neglect countries in which it thinks the Xbox One would be a hit.

We have Xbox Live, PSN is shitty

Actually the online service offered by Playstation is getting better all the time. The Xbox may have pushed the boundaries of online console gaming but it’s not the dominant force it once was. The Xbox may still be the console of choice for FPS games but how long will online FPS games remain top?



Armchair warriors will always try to pick fault in other systems but we are going through a phase unlike anything we have seen before. The two consoles need eachother to be competitive and for the purposes of innovation so these ‘wars’ are pathetic and the arguments for each side are as stupid as the next.




24 thoughts on “Things fanboys say – Xbox vs PS4”

  1. Blue is also cooler than green. I think the reason for Nintendo’s current downfall is purely lack of colour affiliation. Wars just aren’t the same anymore, nothing like a good three-way.

      1. No, I agree with your list i just don’t see why you specifically call it having mixed reviews when it’s the opposite. I mean sure there are mixed reviews but most of it has been pretty positive.

  2. I wouldn’t call Kinect a “crappy add-on”. Personally, if Kinect was sold separately I wouldn’t have bought it, due to past experiences with the original Kinect. However, with it being forced upon me, I love Kinect 2.0, and get a bit snobby when I can’t turn other peoples TV on with my voice! Haha

      1. Kinect is far from crappy. If you think otherwise you are either not very experienced with using it, or you’re just a fanboy that completely denies just how powerful Kinect is.

      2. Just because developers aren’t able to make good games with it, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.

        Stop being so ignorant.

      3. Stop being a blind fanboy. Microsoft hasn’t even made any good games for Kinect. Next your going to claim the Xbox One is so powerful because of the power of the cloud.

      4. I’m no fanboy, I just hate it when people are ignorant to the truth. I know the PlayStation 4 is more powerful to the Xbox One, and I know nobody has made good games for the Kinect, like I stated in my last reply…
        But by rejecting the power of Kinect completely is what a fanboy would do.

        PS, the “power of the cloud” hasn’t even been announced, so no one can even comment on the capabilities of it yet.

      5. Please explain why you fell Kinect is so Powerful?

        Microsoft has announced and is using the power of the cloud. See the article below. All of Titanfall’s AI is reportedly handled by the Azure servers, freeing up processing power of the Xbox 360, Xbox One or PC to “achieve more detailed graphics and the game’s silky-smooth frame rate.”

        Too bad Titanfall has the dumbest AI I have ever seen.
        The graphics aren’t that great either.

        Its a fun game but the power of the cloud is BS marketing speak.

      6. I give up, Kinect is a crappy add on, that no one wants. The power of the cloud is bullshit. And I’m a stupid fanboy. There we go. End of.

        The amount of fucking ignorance is astounding.

      7. All you had to do was explain why Kinect is powerful. Only a fucking ingorant fanboy would say Kinect is powerful.

      8. Really you’re still going on. Over a week I’ve seen your ignorant comments in my email inbox. I’m unticking the box so I can’t see you anymore, because people like you never listen. That’s why in my last comment I said I give up. But no you still carry on.

    1. These kind of comments make me chuckle. These PC “fanboys” think they are a different species or something. I am a PC gamer, I also gave a next gen console, just like almost all of my friends that are PC gamers.

      1. Perhaps I need a new phone as it always auto corrects the word “have” to “gave” lol

      2. I have a PC I play games on but rarely use it. I play the Old Republic from time to time but it just doesn’t appeal to me in a huge way. Most people who play on PC are complete assholes, I had one guy yelling at me for an hour on Titanfall because I was using a control pad.

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