Europe snubs the Xbox One and Titanfall – Why?

I reported a few weeks ago that the PS4 was crushing the Wii U and Xbox One and that momentum hasn’t ceased. This being despite the release of Titanfall, coupled with widespread official and non official price drops in the continent. Should Microsoft abandon all hope in Europe?

The above graph shows the little effect of Titanfall to European Xbox One sales. Source
The above graph shows the little effect of Titanfall to European Xbox One sales. Source

If we exclude the UK then sales across Europe are extremely thin, although it must be noted it is not currently on sale across the whole of Europe. Take a look at the graph above, considering we know that the week of March 15th seen the Xbox One sell nearly 20,000 units then we can see how poorly the rest of Europe is receiving the One. The Xbox One will inevitably sell well in the UK, in fact it seems to be only selling in countries where English is the first language used. This confirmed by the fact the Xbox One was the fastest selling console in Australia to date.

The problem rises in non-Englishspeaking countries, where the Xbox One has been snubbed in the same fashion the Wii U has, probably even more so. The Xbox One is simply not aimed at anyone outside of US, UK, Australia and Canada and the sales figures show this. The countries that the Xbox One was not released in will surely have no impact on future sales when it finally drops because Microsoft have shunned potential audience and frustration and anger will surely mount.

The countries that currently have Xbox One available in.
The countries that currently have Xbox One available in.

A turnaround seems unlikely in Europe, the bad press suffered last year seems to have had a lasting effect on certain regions and gamers have chosen to snub the Xbox One entirely. The UK seems to have forgiven and forgot about the whole Xbox disaster last year, with sales figures booming. The rest of Europe looks like it is a lost cause though and I predict the rest will never embrace the Xbox ever again. Microsoft simply doesn’t care enough about the rest of the world and the world doesn’t care about them.





17 thoughts on “Europe snubs the Xbox One and Titanfall – Why?”

  1. I hope the author of this article do realize that the Xbox one is only available in 5 countries in Europe which has over 50 countries in it . So to say that Europe snubs the Xbox one when 90% of the continent does even have access to the console is such a false statement

    1. The 5 countries that the Xbox is currently available in are the ONLY countries in the EU where the XBox 360 sold in significant numbers. It has nothing to do with “localizing” the console (as MS claims in official statements), and everything to do with the fact that these countries OVERWHELMINGLY chose Playstation last gen.

    2. Those small PS3 and 4 dominated “tier 2” markets aren’t going to do jack for Xbox sales. If you’re expecting some kind of sales surge you’ll be sorely disappointed.

    3. And discounting UK? Why? UK is not Europe? The UK is the next gen console’s biggest European customer. Where is the comparison in numbers for next gen console’s sold in Europe. Nada. Dumb article. Dumb author.

    4. Sorry to contradict you, but it is available. Several shops imported the Xbox1 on the countries where its not available (like the one i’m living in). Software is widely available aswell. They just dont sell.
      I can garantee you that those who really wanted an Xbox1 in those countries already got theirs. There just isnt much demand. No use fooling yourself.

  2. Maybe Europeans are smarter than Americans and can tell when a system is both underpowered and overpriced! Seriously, there are HUGE issues with the PRIMARY features that Microsoft touts for the Xbox One…ESPECIALLY in non-US countries. The TV integration doesn’t work, the video passthrough is BROKEN, it can’t properly display blu-ray video at 24fps, and it comes with the NSA friendly Kinect that no one wants. Want more reasons than that?

  3. I suppose most gamers haven’t upgraded yet (Xbox One and PS4). On top of that, most gamers can’t afford to go out and pay £400 for a console. Bottom line, knocking only £30 off, it’s not much. Some retailers have been selling the Titanfall pack for £370. I’d have expected the game to be on disc, but what with it being digital, it stops you from selling and part exchanging. Somehow, I don’t think Titanfall is as good as it’s being made out to be. Fair enough, it’s an online only game, but most gamers like a single player mode. Single player mode missing, should online only games be full price? They’re basically pick up and play arcade games. Price is what’s holding the Xbox One back. Most gamers couldn’t care less about Kinect. Game released have dried up, but that’s also the case with the PS4. The PS4 is at a slightly more realistic price, even if there’s around a £50 difference. But then you’ve got gamers who’re obsessed with tech, including the 1080p debate. Microsoft knows that the Xbox One needs to come in at around £350, added bonus if it comes with a game. I can’t ever see the Xbox One coming without Kinect. But the Xbox One is falling that far behind the PS4, I’d only buy one if it was £300 with Kinect and a game. Added bonus if Microsoft released a white model. I couldn’t care less about a 1TB hard drive and themed consoles. As a gamer who will one day buy an Xbox One (I have a PS4), that’s what I expect from Microsoft. I suppose we all have limits on cost and what a console should come with. Sony can get away with charging £400 tops for a console, but that’s not the case for Microsoft. The Xbox One is just too expensive at £400. End of.

  4. So “Titanfall month” has come and gone, with nary a peep from MS about sales. Not exactly encouraging.

    This was Xbox’s biggest month of the year. Price drops, Titanfall and Forza bundled for free, and PS4 will STILL outsell Xbox globally by about 1.6:1. (700-800k to 400-500k). Xbox probably won’t even take the March NPDs.

    Expect Xbox sales to drop back to 200-300k globally in April, while PS4 continues selling 700k+ a month. That global gap is going to get verrrry wide, while Xbox will be lucky to outsell Wii U’s install base by the end of the year.

  5. It’s pretty obvious why xbox isn’t very popular in Europe.


    I’ve never been so ashamed to be an American than watching xbox beat PlayStation in the US. AND THE US ONLY, XBOTS. That was last gen. This gen PlayStation takes it’s rightful place as #1 and Xbox a firm #2 and I do mean #2.

    Literally xbots have no reason to support xbox, they just do. I blame it on them being extremly unknowledgeable when it comes to multiplayer games at the beginning of the 360 gen. Acting like you gotta pay for online for it to be good. Idiots, PC has always been free to play and it’s the best place even today to play. I may prefer my PS3 & PS4 but I still love my gaming PC and will never doubt the better FPS performance in keyboard/mouse.

    Xbox sucks in every measurable way. No need for it from a “smart” gamers perspective. Almost no game I can’t play between my PC, Playstation & Nintendo.

  6. The only reason why the UK favored was the price-cut and the TF bundle. And that which is about to be shortlived. PS4 is slowly outpacing yet again.

  7. I know alot of people that still haven’t upgraded from the Xbox 360/ps3 and I think that people are starting to realise that £300+ for a game console is a bit extreme when most of us are cash stuck as it is.

    The PS4 has the upper hand when it comes to the so called console war however I don’t think Microsoft will be complaining about the sales of the Xbox One so far.

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