inFamous and Titanfall – Mediocrity overlooked?

Titanfall and inFamous have seen their fair share of praise and critical acclaim but both have glaring faults which have been overlooked. This is of course due to a drought in gaming goodness for the supposed ‘next-gen’ consoles. It’s been a long, cold, dry spell if you’re an Xbox One or PS4 owner. Never in the history of the Playstation or Xbox have I ever been so bored or underwhelmed by the offerings a few months in to their console lives. Have they just capitalized on a severe lack of games for each system or did we actually start believing the hype?

Before I start the rant

First things first, I am not saying that either game is particularly bad in anyway. I have discussed Titanfall in quite some depth and pointed out it’s numerous faults but its ‘one more game’ appeal should not be overlooked. Neither should we overlook how fluid and beautiful inFamous looks and feels either, the combat being a true winner despite it’s repetition and monotony.

The problem both of games have is that they have been caught in a raging console war, a war more fierce than ever seen before. Xbox One fans preying for the public to fall in love with Titanfall so sales figure will rise and Playstation fans preying for high review scores of inFamous in order to justify their purchase. The fact remains that whilst both may have helped sales, neither will be remembered as an all time great or the game that makes people buy a particular system.

BUT…They both have over 80 on Metacritic!!

That maybe true, but an 80 these days is a 6 or 7 in reality. Reviewers have been consistently getting worse in their scoring systems, a 9 today would of been a 7 about 15 years ago. The fact that Titanfall scored an 86 is totally unjustified, with the complete lack of content and without even basic options available. I have come to the conclusion that reviewers are just as starved as the gaming public.

Titanfall constantly annoys with random men shouting at you.
Not worthy of it’s high review scores.

Most of the praise for both of these games has come from the fact that the public want them to succeed. They’ve just spent a good few hundred dollars on a shiny new console and they’re stuck with a handful of playable games and they’re angry. They want justification in their purchase and they want everyone to love any game that is released on their chosen system. I’m one of the few who bought both consoles at launch and I’m sick to my stomach that I did so, with both consoles offerings not good enough.

What was actually wrong with Titanfall and inFamous?

I’ve already shared my thoughts about what was wrong with Titanfall, you can find the article here so I shall focus on the shortcomings of inFamous.

inFamous: Second Son suffers from a poor story and an unlovable hero in Delsin Rowe. A single player game needs for you to feel something towards the main character but I feel absolutely nothing. I don’t care if I live or die as there is no punishment for doing so either. I kind of think they were shooting for a ‘lovable rogue’ type character in Delsin but ultimately this fails and he soon becomes an annoying little prick with a moon face who I want to punch and punish. The choices we make have little or no effect on his character and so we are left with a generic, ‘unlikely’ super hero in a game again.

Delsin is depicted by many as a cool,edgy character but in reality is annoying twat.
Delsin is depicted by many as a cool,edgy character but in reality is an annoying twat.

It falls in to the category of tech-demo like many others before it. I think we’re past the stage of wanting to see how good a game on looks on the new consoles, we want games with substance, infinite replayability and an experience much bigger and better than last-gen. This isn’t the case in inFamous. Everything apart from the graphics feels last-gen, from the city of Seattle to the core gameplay. It just doesn’t build on the previous installments, it doesn’t have the massive scope and ambition and I would go as far as to say that the surroundings in Second Son are less explorable and less interesting than we seen before. The cool combat soon becomes stale and you’ll soon forget about how pretty the game looks when you’re grinding out the same moves over and over again.

If these games came at a busier period no one would care about them

This is true. How many of you seriously bought a PS3 for inFamous last-gen? Probably not many but because there is no good games out you suddenly act like it’s the greatest game ever made. Likewise, if Titanfall dropped the same time as Call of Duty, Battlefield or Halo then it would fall on deaf ears.

What I’m trying to get at is that if you’re currently an Xbox 360 or PS3 owner waiting to take the plunge then save your money. There are far better games on their way and games which will be far more worth of your time and money in the future. Don’t fall for the hype of either of these games and don’t make the leap in to next-gen just yet. You’ll save money and the grass certainly isn’t greener, yet.



7 thoughts on “inFamous and Titanfall – Mediocrity overlooked?”

  1. I went into this article thinking I would completely disagree, but you have shed some light on the subject. I only own a PS4, seeing as my Xbox 360 broke and I’m starting to get bored as hell and was really excited when I got inFamous Second Son. Now I can see this was only due to the fact I was stuck with almost no games to play before that, so I all wanted was anything new. I now find myself very anxious for Watch_Dogs, Destiny, and The Crew, as I hope they can offer the ‘fun’ I am looking for that used to exist so long ago in video games. Anyway, sorry for ranting, I just really enjoyed your article. Thanks for writing it!

    1. Thanks bro! It’s not easy to admit the games suck when you’ve paid so much for a new console. You want to believe they are the best games available but it simply isn’t the case. I can see Wacth Dogs being a huge disappointment, I expected it to be a launch title that showed off the graphics of the new consoles and have little substance. I remember seeing it all those years ago used as a tech demo and I hope my fears don’t come true. Approach with caution!

  2. I didn’t buy Second Son, it just didn’t seem to appeal to me. I bought my PS4 for Destiny and Tom Clancy’s: The Mission and kept my fingers crossed something interesting might crop up whilst waiting for them to release. I fell in love with my first taste of FFXIV during the PS4 beta test so I consider myself very lucky, it wasn’t really on my radar beforehand.

    This is an exception to the rule I feel, my 360 still gets a LOT more use than the PS4 does, but that’s normal for end of cycle. You generally get the best eye-popping mouth-watering titles at the end of a console’s lifespan,

    I agree about clinging to 360/PS3 meantime though, the future release lists for both current gen consoles look a little dire, with a lot of apparent reliance on indie developers. Next big PS4 exclusive after FFXIV that I’m looking forward to? Couldn’t tell you. Next big third party game after Destiny and The Mission? Couldn’t tell you. It’s that bad.

    Could do with some big bombs dropping at E3 this year. Roll on June.

    1. Destiny looks awesome, I think it’s the game that has the most potential this year, plus I love Bungie so it’s an instant buy for me.

      Totally agree, the ‘next-gen’ has done nothing but disappoint me so far. Sure, things may look a little nicer but there games seem very few and far between and quality is generally poor. I take issue with the fact I’ve spent over £700 on two systems which so far have no games I’m interested in.

  3. I think only the most dedicated of weirdo fanboys would be so desperate to see their particular console succeed that they would buy literally anything that comes out for it. I would imagine/hope they are in the minority when it comes to purchasing power but they are probably the most vocal group.

    I can’t speak to the new infamous game as I haven’t played it – it doesn’t look like a game I would enjoy and I don’t have a PS 4 yet but I believe Titanfall is doing well (apparently doubling Xbone sales in the UK) because it is good fun and because of word of mouth.

  4. This really is a terrible launch for PS4 and Xbone. It took until Towerfall Ascension for me to find a PS4 game I really love, and neither Titanfall nor Plants vs Zombies is enough to sell me on the One. People ragged on the Wii U launch, but I think it was much stronger than either of these two. More games overall, more exclusives, and a handful of titles I was actually interested from the start.

  5. I do agree with the article. Sucker Punch missed an opportunity with Infamous on its third outing, it should have had a multiplayer or even a co-op Good Deslin Vs Bad Deslin with a friend would have been cool. The “papertrail” bored me shitless, while others praised it (like the second coming!!!)

    Infamous is a good game, and i stress good not “great”. Same with Titanfall, a good game, but with Titanfall there is replayability, even though those actors voices bore the crap out of me.

    There is a lack of games for both systems, people would need to be blind not to see that. I just thank my lucky stars i decided to keep my PS3. As the PS4 won’t be used until dare i say it? Wolfenstein and Watch_Dogs are released.

    Does anyone remember Haze for the PS3? The hype that game generated!!! What a miserable, uninspiring, glitchy game that was, and the publisher was Ubisoft. Haze was also delayed and the reason, more time to iron the bugs and improve the game. I have an open mind when it comes to Ubisofts Watch_Dogs, as i refuse to be engulfed by the gravy hype train.

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