Make money being a games tester

A lot of people search for ways to become a games tester, it sounds like the ideal job, right? The problem is that there is a lack of information out there and demand for places is huge.

Being a games tester requires dedication, perseverance and a bit of luck. Half of the battle comes with having the right contacts and being persuasive with potential employers. It is very attainable though with knowledge and the right mindset.

Who I am and why you should listen to me?

I own this very site you are viewing right now, take a look around if you wish. I have built this site on my own with very low cost and have managed to secure money (from adverts)and free stuff with reviews. My primary income is from game testing though and this is where the real money is. Consider this site my hobby and game testing my work. I say ‘work’ but it’s certainly not like any work I have ever experienced before. I started this site a few months ago and have already earned a few thousand dollars from ad revenue, free stuff and the free games and pay I get with being a games tester.

How much can you potentially earn?

Ok, so your Xbox won't spew out money like this but you could make a living from doing your hobby
Ok, so your Xbox won’t spew out money like this but you could make a living from doing your hobby

Probably not much when you start out but you will get to keep a few games, which is great if you like a freebie (who doesn’t?). The key is to build up a reputation and show employers that you are worthy of their time, support and money. Expect meager earning initially with pay rising dramatically after the first few months. I know people who make around $50 a week and I know a few who earn up to $500 a week, all for sitting at home (or in some cases in an office) and playing games.

What do games testers actually do?

Assassins Creed is one of the numerous games you could get to play
Assassins Creed is one of the numerous games you could get to play

Game testers usually iron out the creases in a game before release. They can correct spelling in a game, point out bugs and suggest improvements. There are further areas like game coding but these are for industry professionals, if however you have any programming ability then the ability to earn heightens. I am just a regular gamer and I have enjoyed success beyond what I expected, the trick is not to expect a lot and surprise yourself when you start getting paid for the hobby you love.

How do I find the information I need?

There were initially two programs I bought in to. I usually don’t buy any type of digital product except games that are on sale on Steam (I’m tight like that) but I went ahead and bought them anyway. These programs helped give me the ideas and contacts I needed to start up and I hope you agree when I say I haven’t done too bad. This isn’t any false hope crap that you usually see spammed around the net, these are reliable sources that have made me over $2,000 in just over 3 months.

Still interested?

Well I shall share with you some of the best membership programs around that will help you be in a position like me. The first one is called becomeagamestester which is probably the route to choose to quicker success. The contact list they offer is huge and provide a great service for anyone starting up. The second one I recommend is Game Testers Academy which is the one I used initially as it was the cheapest option. This guide alone made me buy the second guide to obtain more contacts, after proving it was a worthwhile purchase. Remember, the fee you pay is a ONE TIME fee.

Of course you don’t have to take my advice, I am just willing to share with you my journey so far and how I made the money I’m making along the way. I had no job a few months ago, now I still don’t have a job but I make money. It’s an awesome feeling.

Ryan – Videogamedebate


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