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Gamer of the week – The Rabbitfoot

This weeks gamer of the week is somewhat of an enigma, choosing only to be called ‘The Rabbitfoot’. Maybe he was just born lucky? Here’s his full profile.


Name: The Rabbitfoot

Gamertag: That Rabbitfoot

Favorite Game: Call Of Duty

Best Gaming Achievement: The Rabbitfoot labels his career high moment as finishing 1st Place in a Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Video Game Festival Tournament.

Future plans: He would like to keep playing Call Of Duty competitively and win some more tournaments. He would also like to find some sponsors and become  known on the Call Of Duty Tournament scene.

Youtube: His Youtube channel is about him playing Call Of Duty and just having fun in life. In the future if his channel grows he would like to help out some other small Youtube channels and give back to the community.

You can find his Youtube channel here

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Gamer of the week – Rachel (aka Ms Fraggett)

It’s that time of the week again where we choose our gamer of the week to share with the world. This week is Rachel, who was chosen because of her passion for games as well as her ambition. Her Youtube channel is full of belly laughs and is worth checking out!

Name: Rachel              i8b9a49I

Age: 21

Gamertag: Ms Fraggett

Favorite Game(s): Zelda Ocarina of Time, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Interests: Rachel hobbies include singing, writing music and poetry. She can also play three instruments, with them being the violin, piano and guitar. Sweet! She also loves to entertain people and make them laugh. She is considered to be the comedian in her family and this humor is echoed in her videos.

Ambitions: Rachel one day hopes to play games competitively, this being something that has been a life long dream of hers.

Links: Rachels Youtube can be found here and you can catch her on twitter @MsFraggett

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Gamer of the week – Connor Councellor

So our new feature is gamer of the week. This is subject to change as if popularity rises I shall change it to gamer of the day. First up his Connor Councellor, here’s his profile. He was chosen based on his gaming passion and potential.


Name: Connor Councellor

Age: 17

Gaming history: Has been playing games since he was in diapers (hope you’re out of them now Connor)

Favorite game: The Halo series (good choice!)

Inspiration: Connor was inspired to start his YouTube channel because of the Yogscast. His Youtube link can be found below.

Aspirations: He hopes one day to make Youtube his full-time job once he is through with education. He labels himself as a semi-pro Halo player who is currently looking for a team, so if anyone wants him, hit him up!

Links: Connor goes under the alias of EasyDayGaming. His Youtube can be found here. His twitter handle is @EasyDayGaming

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Get featured on! – Gamer of the week

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