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How to beat Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes – Gaming Legends

Forget being a pro at Call of Duty or League of Legends. This guy is the gaming king. Super Mario Bros took me many months to complete as a child and this guy completed it in just 5 minutes. I’m insanely jealous and went back to my NES to try and emulate this feat. I managed 2 levels in this time.


Has anyone got so good at a game that they are capable of the extraordinary? Have you memorized every step in DDR to perfection? Maybe you can complete Sonic in less time it takes me to finish my dinner? Got 10000000 points in Flappy Bird? Let me know and I may feature you! As long as you have proof that is.


How Youtubers are making money playing games

Youtube was once a channel that mainly consisted of ‘vlogs’, simple video journals of an individuals life. Much has changed in the last 9 years with Youtube becoming one of the biggest websites around and is the go to place to watch pretty much anything you can think of. The past few years has seen the rise of game commentary and user created content featuring game playing and humor. This can range from anything from talking about games, game reviews, talking over games, game montages…the list is endless. Some of the guys at the very top of the youtube game hierarchy are making some serious money. But how? And exactly how much? Can anyone make money money playing games ? Keep Reading..

How to get better at Call of Duty

Struggling with a less than perfect K/D or have a pretty embarrassing Win/Loss ratio? I will share with you the tips and tricks I have learnt along my many years of playing Call of Duty online. Keep reading…

How to use Emulators on Android

This blog post is total contradiction to the title of my site, I’m not debating anything and there is nothing to debate but I figured it may be of use to some people so I’m always happy to help! Many of you will already be familiar with emulators and many of you will know exactly how to use them and which run best. I have set-up a small guide so those unfamiliar with them can have a basic understanding of how to use them safely and in line with the law. Keep reading…