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Speedlink Parthica Gaming Keyboard Review

The Speedlink Parthica offers an affordable introduction for those stepping up in to the world of gaming keyboards. The Parthica offers gamers a wealth of options including macro software, anti-ghosting, 10 multimedia keys and color changing lights. The package looks impressive but how well does it perform? Keep reading


Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review – PC/PS3

The Thrustmaster T100 is the latest in Thrustmasters long line of gaming wheels. I would say that Thrustmaster have a reputation as the worlds leading game wheel manufacturer and have had a long line of successful and great performing wheels. If it’s one thing they know about it’s how to make a good wheel and a wheel that gives value for money, no matter what budget you have. The T100 is a mid-ranged wheel which offers ‘force feedback’, something which you usually find on wheels priced much higher than this one. Keep reading

Speedlink Ledos Gaming Mouse Review – PC

The Speedlink Ledos is the lower priced gaming mouse in Speedlinks line of mice. Quite how much it sacrifices in terms of performance compared to its bigger brothers the Decus and Kudos RS will be my aim in finding out in this review. At first glance it does look very similar to the too, with the red and black coloration it goes nicely with the other mice in their range and also looks like a good companion to their brilliant keyboards.
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Speedlink Virtuis Gaming Keyboard Review – PC

The Speedlink Virtuis is Speedlinks┬átop end keyboard. It’s probably on par with the Kudos RS in terms of style and features and the two would make a lovely combination if put together. It looks great but does the performance match its style? Keep reading

Speedlink Kudos RS gaming mouse review

This is Speedlinks┬átop end gaming mouse, aimed at the enthusiast or those looking for a serious, high grade mouse. It is notably different from the Decus I reviewed, both in shape, feel and performance. The biggest difference you will notice straight away is the ability to add weights to the mouse. Is it worth the step up in price compared to it’s more affordable brother?

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Speedlink Decus Gaming Mouse Review

The Speedlink Decus is a low to mid priced gaming mouse aimed at beginners and professionals alike. It features an incredible 5000dpi, 7 fully programmable buttons, corded 1.8m cable and adjustable USB polling rate as some of its features. It offers a lot of ‘bang for its buck’ but is it any good? Keep Reading

Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 Surround Sound Headset Review – PC/360/PS3

The Speedlink Medusa NX is part of Speedlinks range of gaming headsets which cater to the multi-format game player. It is an affordable introduction to surround sound gaming and looks impressive. It is designed to provide versatility and a great experience regardless of the platform you use. The headset itself promotes a wealth of options and in theory should be the only headset you’ll ever need if you are a PC/PS3 and 360 user. Do not get confused between this and the other Medusa models, this is the top of the range real surround sound unit. Does the performance match the promise? We take a look. Keep Reading!