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Never cheat on your girlfriend – Boyfriends TV and PS3 ruined

There are many fake videos circulating that depict women smashing their love rat boyfriends belongings but this seems legit. The video is foreign and the story behind it is unclear but one thing is for certain, don’t fu*k with this woman.



Hell, if someone did this to me it would hurt one million times more than a broken heart. I’d rather someone take my soul than my consoles, poor guy.


Ocarina of Time Speedrun with strange audience

So, this here with another guy who gets things done quick. The weird thing is here though he has some kind of weird fanbase consisting of ┬áthe biggest crowd of unsociable people you’ve ever seen. His speed and skills must be admired but this looks like a world I’d rather distance myself from as a gamer.

I’m all for defending my fellow gamer but this is a bit weird. Why would anyone want to watch this in the first place and why are they dressed so god damn strange?!

Do you like virtual genitals?

Me too! Just kidding, I was looking around Youtube and found this Easter egg for GTA V which features a village of naked people. Rockstar certainly have a history of being controversial but pointless nudity may just be the icing on the cake. You’ve probably seen it before but I haven’t, even though I’ve played the game religiously. Warning, you may see a penis or two or three.



Anyone else got any strange easter eggs? Weirder than this one? I want to see! (preferably with less penis)

How to beat Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes – Gaming Legends

Forget being a pro at Call of Duty or League of Legends. This guy is the gaming king. Super Mario Bros took me many months to complete as a child and this guy completed it in just 5 minutes. I’m insanely jealous and went back to my NES to try and emulate this feat. I managed 2 levels in this time.


Has anyone got so good at a game that they are capable of the extraordinary? Have you memorized every step in DDR to perfection? Maybe you can complete Sonic in less time it takes me to finish my dinner? Got 10000000 points in Flappy Bird? Let me know and I may feature you! As long as you have proof that is.

How Youtubers are making money playing games

Youtube was once a channel that mainly consisted of ‘vlogs’, simple video journals of an individuals life. Much has changed in the last 9 years with Youtube becoming one of the biggest websites around and is the go to place to watch pretty much anything you can think of. The past few years has seen the rise of game commentary and user created content featuring game playing and humor. This can range from anything from talking about games, game reviews, talking over games, game montages…the list is endless. Some of the guys at the very top of the youtube game hierarchy are making some serious money. But how? And exactly how much? Can anyone make money money playing games ? Keep Reading..

Dr Phil on video game addiction

In this video Dr. Phil treats video games as an addiction. Fair enough the guy was a bum, but to highlight this as a universal problem is pretty unfair. Apparently the second guest attempted suicide because his gaming addiction became too strong. Is gaming even an addiction? What is the point where it stops becoming just a bit of fun and turns in to something more sinister?

We all play games, but what if gaming takes control and we lose the ability to do anything but game? Has anyone got a gaming addiction or thinks they play too much?

The strangest video you’ll ever see

If you haven’t seen this already then where have you been? I have no idea how to describe this video apart from console erotica. I’m not going to spoil it for you too much but you’ll be both disgusted and strangely aroused at the same time.

Have you ever done this to a console? I must admit I have been tempted. What a strange world we live in. At least he wasn’t too dirty, looked like he shaved his legs before filming, bless.